12 Best Indian Dishes to Try by Food Lovers

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Right from simple (Lentil) to the perfectly cooked tandoori chicken and butter chicken, everything in the Indian dishes list will blow your mind once you start eating them.

Have you ever tasted the best Indian dishes ? If not, then you are missing out a whole range of delectable Indian dishes which will certainly amaze you straightaway!

No wonder foreigners too are crazy over Indian food! And one of its reasons is the amalgamation of spices used in preparing these dishes. Plus, the different kinds of pickles and salads also enhance your plate. Cooking Indian dishes is really easy as there are many YouTube channels that let you learn these recipes.

These YouTube channels and blogs explain the recipes of various Indian dishes in an easy manner.

The Most Popular Indian Dishes are: –

In case you are wondering as to how much tasty Indian dishes are, here are the most popular ones which have provided a reason for your tongue to rejoice: –

1) Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken always stands high when it comes to rating the best Indian dishes in India. Not only it is one of the most favorite dishes of Indians, but also foreigners to love to eat it.

Whether you are living in West or India, this is surely one of the first orders foodies like to make when they visit a restaurant. Eating it with Naan & green salad will certainly satiate the food cravings of any person.

Preparing butter chicken is really easy as you only require common items such as ginger, onion, olive oil, garlic, tomato puree and butter. The incorporation of butter in this dish makes it one of the most delectable of all the Indian dishes prepared in India.

2) Chicken Tikka Masala

Indian chicken recipes are prepared with the help of amazing spices. Chicken tikka masala is a dish you will never forget in your life once you have its first bite. Its thick and creamy gravy is perfectly prepared by mixing garlic, ginger, chili and spiced tomato. This marinated smoky flavoured chicken dish is highly popular among the foodies in India as well as other countries of the world. If you haven’t tried it yet, just give it a try now!

3) Kadhai Paneer

Having got its name from Kadai, which is an Indian Wok, Kadhai Paneer is the dish you can’t ignore at all. This mouth-watering and irresistible dish is prepared with paneer (Indian Cottage Cheese). This recipe holds a spicy gravy which is cooked with the help of capsicum, tomatoes, onions as well as aromatic Indian spices. You can enjoy it with plain parantha, naan, rice or roti according to your taste. Indians are just mad over this awesome dish which you will find in almost every Indian restaurant.

4) Chhole Bhature

Chhole Bhature really defines India! Being a highly popular dish in India, it has also earned a prominent position in the foreign land. This dish is spicy and has become a sensation far and wide. Just make sure you have enough appetite to enjoy its spectacular taste. Bhature is awesomely made from maida(all-purpose flour) while chhole are made using thick spicy gravy.

5) Rogan Josh

Cooked in a thick gravy of caramelized yogurt, garlic, onions and a few spices such as Kashmiri chilies, cinnamon, bay leaves and cardamom, Rogan Josh is one of the most loved foods of India. Being originated from Persian cuisine, it is served in a number of restaurants and hotels and enjoyed by one and all.

6) Palak Paneer

Palak Paneer is made up of paneer (cottage cheese) and spinach and tastes great. This mildly flavoured dish is very healthy and is served in almost all restaurants as well as hotels in India. This dish has also gained popularity far and wide.  Cubed paneer mixed with spinach makes a taste to remember for your lifetime. This is the dish that will certainly satiate your taste buds.

7) Naan

Naan is everyone’s favorite and can easily go with any dish such as tandoori chicken, kadhai paneer or any of the kebabs. Naans are cooked in an earthen oven or tandoor or they can be cooked in an electric oven too. Making naan is very easy and you can watch many YouTube videos to make them.

8) Paapdi Chaat

Chaat is the soul of Indian food lovers! Paapdis, which are best described as deep-fried wafers, are made of dough and liked by everybody. The menu of every marriage is incomplete without Paapdi chaat which really shows its importance. They can be better tasted with sweet, spicy and tangy sauce. Its taste will surely make you feel better and you will want more of it once you experience it.

9) Malai Kofta

Of all the prominent Indian dishes, Malai Kofta dish is considered a royal one in a way as it has been inherited from the cuisines of Mughal.

Koftas, in this dish, are prepared with carrots, peas, sweet corn, beans, and potatoes. Besides, you also require cheese for making it.

People usually make this dish on a particular occasion and it is found very easily in a number of restaurants. In case you intend to make this dish, you can watch any Indian dishes cooking video on YouTube.

10) Tandoori Chicken

Among all Indian dishes, Tandoori Chicken dish has its own important place. This does not need an introduction as everybody is in love with it. You can eat it by adding some slices of onion and tangy sauces which really enhance its taste.

Moreover, you can also add rice to it. You need to know the recipe for tandoori masala or you can buy it from the market to make it. It tastes awesome and is known to be one of the most preferred Indian dishes by Indian foodies.

11) Masala Dosa

Masala dosa is available throughout India and is called as a classic dish of South India. The thin-wafered crepes with delicious masalas have innumerable fans not just in India, but also in abroad.

Enlisted in the top Indian dishes in the world. This tasty dish is something different from others and holds a great taste. They come in different types and is enjoyed by just everyone.

12) Hyderabadi Biryani

Hyderabadi Biryani is one of the mouth-watering Indian dishes that attracts foodies all over the world. Taste of Hyderabadi biryani can transport any food lover to heaven!

You will definitely fall in love once you taste it. It has earned worldwide recognition and its fame surpasses all the geographic boundaries and is valued by every foodie regardless of his religion and location.

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