7 Best Christmas Movies to Watch this Christmas

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Besides the usual caroling and quintessential Xmas dinners, there is another custom many around the world follow. Watching the best Christmas movies and enjoying the festival!

As the Christmas festival approaches, your TV network starts airing numerous Christmas movies just to add glamour to the approaching festival and also to set real excitement within you for the coming festival.

Christmas, being the best time of the year, has attracted many filmmakers who have given classic Christmas movies that everyone desires to watch during the Christmas festival.

Every one of you might have his own list of best Christmas movies given the fact that you might have been grown up watching these films and taken fancy to a particular movie due to the fact that it totally relates to your childhood or your life story.

Best Christmas Movies to Watch Out For

In case you have gotten bored of the same movie every year, there is a solution. Compiled below is the best Christmas movies list you can switch over to this year.

1.A Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens set the tone for Xmas all those years ago with the publishing of his timeless classic, A Christmas Carol. Many cinematic adaptations have been made since the most recent one released back in 2009 in the form of an animated movie.

From the insolence of the Ebenezer Scrooge to the reckoning of the Ghosts of Christmas, the tale is littered with classic scenarios famous to this very day. Give it a go if you haven’t until now!

2. The Bishop’s Wife

The 1947 classic is still considered amongst the best Christmas movies of all time. A movie known for its vivid plot and narrative, The Bishop’s Wife is still remembered for the hopeful message it portrays about the festival.

3. Miracle on 34th Street

Another movie from 1947, Miracle on 34th Street is one the popular Christmas movies of all time. There is a great chance your family has been watching this movie already! Set around a man who claims to be the real Santa Claus, Miracle on 34th Street has remained a timeless classic for 70 years now. Natalie Wood, the child actress of the movie have just acted brilliantly in the film thereby making it a must watch for everybody.

4. Die Hard

Not exactly your ‘ideal’ Christmas story plot, Die Hard is easily one of the most entertaining Christmas movies on the list. Starring Bruce Willis, the Xmas movie was the first in a series of four Die Hard movies. Packed with action and drama, the 1988 thriller is a good alternative if you’ve been watching too many feel-good comedies over the years. Due to the violence and guns showed in the movie, this one is not a suitable watch for the kids. However what relates this movie to Christmas is the presence of Christmas themes in the film. Moreover, the message of the film i.e. good wins over evil makes it a good watch during Christmas time.

5. Jingle all the Way

We’ve finally come to my folk’s classic Christmas pick! Starring the big man Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jingle all the Way is the story of a regular American dad played by Arnie himself who doesn’t have enough time for his son. Set around the relationship between a father and his son, Jingle all the Way isn’t a critic’s favorite, but definitely a movie worth a watch every Christmas.

6. A Christmas Story

There is a reason most major networks air this movie on Christmas every year. The 1985 comedy, A Christmas Story is based on the works of writer Jean Shepherd. Centered on the tale of young boy who dreams of getting a ‘Red Ryder air rifle’, the movie covers the mechanics of a regular American family. Easily remembered by everyone as the best Christmas movie till date, A Christmas Story hits the right cord for the simple reason that it makes you relate to the story well irrespective of your age.

7. Home Alone

Perhaps one of the most enjoyable movies of all time, Home Alone is one of the top Xmas films about a boy Kevin McCallister who is left home by his family on Christmas. Considered a nuisance by his cousins and a petulant child by his parents, Kevin McAllister is accidentally left behind at home as his family leaves for an Xmas vacation to Paris.

Besides getting over the fear of living alone, Kevin also faces the situation of defending his home from thieves on the festival. The success of the movie was so enormous that it ended up being rebooted thrice. Home Alone is a good watch for the family and especially for the kids.

So there you have it! An Xmas movies list for you to go through as this grand festival beckons. Don’t forget to decorate the Xmas tree and light the Xmas candles. Enjoy the best time of the year and to conclude: take it easy on the punch!

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