Christmas : A Legacy of Loving and Sharing

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Seldom do festivals evoke a universal feeling of joy and bliss! Christmas marks the end of the year and effectively passes the baton to the coming year of hope and expectations. The biggest festival in the world, December 25 marks the birth of Jesus Christ.

Like every festival in the world, This festival also brings with itself a host of customs and traditions which make the occasion all the more unique. From X-mas trees and decorations to carols and gifts, each tradition of this popular festival is marked with a historical significance which holds importance to this very day. Not only is the festival about honoring old traditions, but also remembering the true significance of the day.

Christmas isn’t merely the day of Christ’s birth, but also a day of understanding the message Christ died for: love and forgiveness.

The year isn’t ripe with Christian festivities along the calendar, which only elevates the importance of this very festival at the end of the year. Christmas Eve on December 24 marks the commencement of a festive week which culminates with New Year’s Day.

Barring a few countries, the whole world grinds to a halt on Christmas day. Unique customs like decorating X-mas trees, attending the midnight church mass and Christmas dinners are followed by people to this very day. A festival predicated upon the joy of giving and sharing, Xmas is best epitomized by the legend of Saint Nicholas, now popularly known as Santa Claus.

The myth of Santa Claus leaving a gift behind for children on the night before Christmas is one of the most popular traditions of this festival. Children are the soul of every festival and Christmas is no different. Shopping for gifts can sometimes hinder the true message of Xmas. In a world full of fallacies and travesties, this festival is an occasion for us to spread the true gifts of life: love and happiness.

Christ, who died to absolve the sins of humanity preached one core message: love one another. In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, abstract concepts such as love, empathy, and forgiveness take the backseat. It is imperative to remember these principles at all times and develop a spiritual outlook towards life.

Christmas is celebrated to herald the birth of Christ, a savior who taught the values of love, faith, and forgiveness. These ideals seldom hold sway in the world with growing cynicism, but they hold paramount importance nonetheless.

In times such as these, we need to remember the legacy of Christmas. The spirit of this festival doesn’t lie in gifts or carols, but in empathy and love. Christmas is meant to celebrate the joy of giving and celebrating the legacy of love.

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