What is the Work of a Digital Marketing Specialist?

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A Digital Marketing Specialist is behind all the enhanced awareness of a brand and they also do the act of lead generation by using numerous digital marketing channels that can be free or paid. Some of these channels include the company’s website, email, search engine rankings, advertising, social media channels and the company’s blog.

A digital marketing specialist makes the best use of key performance indicators for every channel so as to evaluate the real success of the organization. The one who manages the SEO optimization of a website evaluates the organic traffic of the site- the traffic which comes from the organic search through the Google search.

Digital marketers take up many roles in their career which varies from company to company. In small organizations, a single person might be entrusted with many roles as mentioned above. However, a large company may hire multiple digital marketing specialists for the different jobs.

Following is the role of a digital marketing specialist who works in the SEO industry :-

Roles of a Digital Marketing Specialist

1) SEO Manager

SEO managers help in ranking the business on Google. With the help of different approaches related to search engine optimization, he ensures the quality and workability of a content on Google. He has to work with content creators for the accomplishment of the job.

2) Content Marketing Specialist

These professionals are known as digital content creators. They are much involved into keeping track of the blogging schedule of the company and also use perfect content strategies so that any product or service launched by the company may be supported with the high-quality promotional content on every digital channel.

3) Social Media Manager

Social media managers are the professionals who take care of the content which is to be posted on company’ social media channels. He also ensures the right posting schedule for the company’s content and works in sync with the content marketing specialists to come up with a strategy to judge the best content to post on several social media accounts of the company.

4) Marketing Automation Coordinator

These professionals let the marketing team understand the behavior of the customers so that the growth of the business can be evaluated. As there are many ongoing marketing activities in a company, so it is very necessary to club all of them into one so as to manage them in the best possible way. Such professionals can group all these activities into one and can easily track the performance of every campaign of the organization.

5) Search Engine Marketer

As an SEM specialist’s job is to manage keyword research work, ad copywriting, test ad campaigns, analysis, He also aims for the targeted clicks and leads so as to get the highest output. Some of the roles involved in this job are tracking, reporting and analyzing PPC campaigns and website analytics. Moreover, they also analyze and research advertising links of the company’s competitors. These professionals also manage the budget of running campaigns and the estimation of monthly costs.

6) Inbound Marketing Manager

An inbound marketing manger’s role is consisted of attracting traffic & turning them into leads and customers. This professional has to deal with a number of things such as building as well as managing a range of contents like ebooks, webinars, infographics, blogs, posts, reports and much more. He also has to come up with the advanced and workable ideas for setting up inbound marketing campaigns. Along with this, he also helps with creating, managing as well as executing numerous marketing campaigns with the help of email, SEO, events, mail campaigns in order to attract more and more customers.

7) Analytics Manager

An analytics manager task is to implement the strategies and tools for translating the raw data into highly valuable insights into the business. Some of the responsibilities of this professional are understanding business objectives, development of perfect strategies for the purpose of reporting as well as data analysis. He also leads a team of data analysts and presents any kind of analytical findings to the senior officials.

8) Conversion Rate Optimizer

A conversion rate optimizer’s role is to perform conversion rate optimization of a firm’s lead generation as well as its conversion strategy. This one is known as the toughest job in the digital marketing industry. These professionals put emphasis on testing, managing and the execution of conversion points. In addition to it, they are also concerned with A/B testing, evaluating CTAs performance and also to enhance the conversion rate on a regular basis. They try to increase the efficiencies of the funnel and also collaborate with the team who takes care of social media posts, blogging and email for optimizing every path of conversion.

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