16 Amazing Tips on How to Look Good in Photos

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If you are a woman you would surely want to know about the best tips to look beautiful in pictures or photos. Right! you all like to post your beautiful pictures on Facebook & Instagram? But, having a beautiful look in a picture is not that easy as you need a lot of effort from your side to get your desired photo.

Capturing a great snap is sheer art, but if you take good care of yourself you will always look wonderful in your snaps.

So, how can you become photogenic like others? Well, here are the proven tips to look beautiful in pictures that you have never cared about before.

Best Tips on How to Look Good in Photos

1) Identify the reason why you look good or bad in photos

You can’t have a good or bad photo all the time! So, you should determine as to in what background or in what pose you look good in photos. Once you have identified this, just go on taking great snaps of you having the desired background. Some points that can be a base for your study for photos are: –

  • Not carrying your best smile
  • Any wrong angle to take the photo
  • Lighting in the photo
  • Closed eyes or squinted eyes
  • Any cosmetic issues such as blackheads, pimples, etc. 

When you have studied the loopholes why you don’t get a great photo, it’s time to work on how to look good in photos to avoid any bad photos. 

2) Hire a Professional

Hiring a professional for your makeup can be one of the best tips to look beautiful in pictures if you have a simple appearance and you are looking to add some glamour in your photos.

A nice hairdo and great makeup help you look pretty in pictures! If you have a good budget, just hire a professional right away! Once you get to know about the best makeup lessons, do write them down so that you can take help from them in the future.

3) Show your good side

If you want to know as to how to look good in photos, then just take out of your old photos and see what sides of yours look well! Just check the best side of your face and your standing position and use that look & side next time you want to take your snaps.

Your angle can be an important factor in providing you a better look in photos. So, once you have identified your right angle, go on taking snaps in that angle and find better photos every time.

4) Don’t Pose

One of the amazing tips to look beautiful in photos is to just look forward to planning your pose while taking your photos! Don’t go with the same pose every time you take snaps as that can make your photographic sessions go waste.

Choose a variety of good poses so that you don’t run out of new & different poses the time of taking selfies & photos. Also, try to improve your posture at the time of clicking your snaps. That way you will be sure of your good posture and will always like to show it every time.

5) Have a Happy look

A smiling face always looks good in the pictures! So, smile whenever the camera looks at you and you will be able to get happy, smiling photos every time. But not all people wear that smiling and happy look on his face.

So, what to do? Well, here you need to think about a happy memory of yours or a funny story and that will help you smile while someone is clicking your pictures.

6) Choose a good wardrobe

Wearing good clothes can also be one of the useful tips to look good in pictures. We are not stylists so we don’t know how to carry ourselves like celebrities! However, being in style is not the legacy of celebrities and everyone can become stylish. Wearing nice attire gives you a much better look in photos. So, look for some affordable stylish clothes in the nearby store and wear them for getting beautiful photos.

7) Choose a nice background

Taking snaps is an art and a nice background plays a pivotal role in it. However, just go for a simple background in case you want your beautiful face in focus. Some light-patterned or light-colored background will work well for most of the people. However, you should avoid a mirror or window in the background as the sunlight will shadow your lovely face.

8) Apply good lipstick

A good base is vital for having luscious lips! First, you need to apply a foundation as well as a translucent powder. After that draw the outside lines with a concealer pencil. Create a perfect outline before you apply lipstick on it. That way, you will be able to get the look for an ideal photo you are looking for.

9) Use eyelashes for your eyes

You should always take care of your eyes and try to make them better! Even if someone is clicking your snaps, make sure that you have decorated your eyelashes. And the best part is that you don’t need to spend a good amount of money on that.

Refer to a YouTube beauty channel if you want to learn some tips to make your eyes wonderful & beautiful. Use the lashes that sync to your own lashes and just keep the longer and thicker eyelashes for a fantastic night out.

10) Don’t do Extra makeup

Don’t over-do your makeup as that can make matters worse to you! Today, anyone can edit his or her photo using Photoshop software, but the more you use funny borders or fancy filters, you will end up getting the photo, unlike your real appearance. So, it does not look good if you edit your snaps. Just keep your photos as simple as that.

11) Use Proper Light

Using proper light is the best way to get clear and beautiful pictures! When someone urges to get you clicked, tell him to capture your pictures in full light. But you should strike a pose that saves you from the shadow of the light. If there appears some shadow on your face, try to lift or tilt your face accordingly.

12) Practice for the Best Pose

It is pretty easy for a celebrity to strike a right pose in front of the camera as that comes naturally to them! But for common men, it isn’t! So, only practicing for a suitable pose can provide you the look you are looking for! Just choose a variety of poses that suits you well & go with the most appealing one. Next time you go with a photo session, make sure to try the chosen one.

13) Last-minute checking

Quickly checking your clothes and your appearance can let you have a beautiful snap! Look around for a mirror and check your attire to find is something is missing or is messed up. If you find something odd, try to resolve that and then ask the cameraman to take your pictures. You will certainly end up getting attractive pictures that way.

14) Try Using Phone Apps

It is just easy to look beautiful in pictures today as there are several apps available on the smartphone that can provide you the look you are looking for. You can use several apps to beautify your photos. Editing & retouching your photos can change your dull photo to a beautiful one. 

Through these apps, you can look cute in pictures by using several elements in them such as white balance, ISO, exposure and shutter speed. 

15) Use any Props

One of the best tips to look good in pictures is to use a prop that will enhance your overall look and background. Your prop can be your hat or a pet can let you have a unique and beautiful look in photos. Using a prop can look you stand out in your photos and complete your photo. It’s your interaction with the prop that can let you have a unique pose. 

16) Take Care of Your Facial Expressions

Ensure to give good facial expressions while taking a snap. It can be one of the best tips to look beautiful in pictures because even if you look dull, a happy change in your facial expressions can transform your simple photo into an amazing one. Just laugh as well as smile freely and find that unique pose you are looking for. Just Love your camera and try to interact with it so that you will get a photo everybody would like to talk to & appreciate. 


So, now you know what you need to get a perfect look while someone is clicking you. Apart from the above said tips to look beautiful in pictures, just explore other things that can help you get a memorable photo.

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