Treat Iron Deficiency in your body with 15 Important tips

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Today, many people are seeking the ways to treat iron deficiency which is a commonly found nutritional deficiency in a human body. Less intake of iron can lead to mild or severe anemia depending on its range.

Sometimes, people with anemia require blood transfusions. To treat iron deficiency is really easy and you can have sufficient iron by incorporating iron-rich food in your daily diet.

Iron has two forms- heme iron that comes from the meat & non-heme iron. Among such two iron forms, heme iron is perfectly absorbed.

The ones who suffer from anemia and want to treat iron deficiency can eat a number of iron-rich foods and stay away from this condition. If you do not know what iron-rich food to incorporate in your diet to fight anemia, here is a quick rundown of such foods: –

Iron-Rich Foods to Treat Iron Deficiency

1 ) Vitamin C

Having anemia can make your immune system go weak and you might be suffering from a number infections as well as inflammatory diseases.

However a sufficient vitamin C intake can give you strength within your body and also help you treat iron deficiency to a considerable level. Try to consume vitamin C rich food such as oranges or you can drink a glass full of lemon on a daily basis.

2) Eating more Veggies

Green vegetables are always considered good to treat iron deficiency in people. If you are looking for consuming iron rich food, then adding green vegetables in your diet plan can provide you better results.

Green vegetables such as celery, broccoli, mustard greens and spinach can increase the iron levels of your body.

3) Probiotics

Probiotics is another easy treatment for anemia. Apart from improving your digestion, it can also increase your iron & vitamin B 12 levels. Patients who have iron deficiency should include probiotics in their diet as it can help them stay away from anemia. Either they can consume yogurt or they can make buttermilk out of it and then consume it. Both ways, it is very beneficial for augmenting your body’s iron levels.

4) Bananas

If you want to increase iron in your body then, it would be better if you consume ripe bananas. As bananas are loaded with vitamin C, potassium, iron and folate, they help you get the required nutrients for making a good RBCs that will help in improving your haemoglobin levels.

5) Sesame Foods

Consuming Sesame foods is also one of the best ways of increasing iron intake in a human body. Especially, if you are taking black sesame seeds. You need to soak these seeds in a some quantity of water for 2-3 hours and to grind them to make a paste out of them. Now when your paste is ready, consume it along with a spoon full of honey daily to treat iron deficiency range in your body.

6) Vitamin B12 and Folate

Vitamins are considered to be very beneficial as far as cell function & survival is concerned. If you are less in vitamins, you can be affected with anemia. You can treat iron deficiency by consuming beans and eggs that can save you from the deficiency of B12 & Folate. You can also go by your doctor’s advice and consume vitamin B12 as well as folate supplements suggested by him.

7) Figs

You can also rely on consuming figs to treat iron deficiency as they are full of iron. Figs are also considered to be a rich source of magnesium, folate and vitamin A. For the best results, you need to soak the figs overnight. Now you can take them along with your breakfast in the morning. 

8) Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is another wonderful thing to look out for if you need proven methods to treat iron deficiency. The acids found in apple cider vinegar can let your body absorb nonheme iron. Adding apple cider vinegar to your veggies can help in rising your iron levels. Apart from this, the ascorbic acid found in Apple Cider Vinegar can increase copper absorption which helps your body to absorb iron.

9) Drumsticks

Drumsticks are one of the herbs that can treat iron deficiency of a person!

As they are rich in calcium, vitamin A & potassium, they can treat iron deficiency effectively. The leaves of drumsticks can save pregnant women from having iron deficiency. Either you can extract its juice or you can cook it. Although you can also take its supplement but you must talk to your physician before taking them.

10) Red Meat

Red meat has heme iron in it that helps it absorb in the body in a faster way than any other iron forms. As iron helps producing haemoglobin levels in your body, so its better to add red meat in your diet in order to treat iron deficiency in your body.

11) Amla

Amla is a trusted old remedy to treat iron deficiency as it has high Vitamin C levels which helps in stimulating blood production levels in the bone marrow and also in boosting the overall immunity of the body. You can make a mixture of Amla juice and honey and consume it once a day to treat iron deficiency levels in your body.

12) Tomatoes

Tomatoes has vitamin E as well as beta-carotene that helps in absorbing the iron. These minerals are best for your hair as well as for skin.

If you need to treat iron deficiency or anemia condition, then you can add raw tomatoes in your food. You can also eat tomatoes by adding them to your smoothies and salads.

13. Copper Water

One of the amazing tips to treat iron deficiency is to use copper water in the morning. It helps in forming the cell as absorbing the iron that makes it one of the important foods to use when you have anemia. Copper water also provides your body with essential natural minerals as well as helps in treating hair loss condition.

14. Beetroot

One of the effective tips to treat iron deficiency is to consume beetroot juice. As it is very effective for curing anemia, it is used by a large number of people across the world. Beetroot is a rich source of calcium, iron, magnesium & folate. It helps your body gain power & reactivate and regenerate red blood cells and provides oxygen to the body. Once you start taking it, you will see significant results in your iron deficiency.

15. Fenugreek

Fenugreek is also a helpful remedy to treat anemia as it helps in the formation of blood. Consuming cooked fenugreek leaves can be highly beneficial for you as they work towards preventing anemia. Fenugreek seeds, too are a great treatment for anemia as they are a great source of iron.   


Anemia is a common condition and a lot of people are suffering from it. But you can easily cure it with the help of the above tips and tricks. The above said home remedies work wonderfully if you consume them with care. So, why to wait? Just use the above tips to treat anemia and enjoy life.

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