18 Amazing Health Benefits of Prune Juice for Your Body

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Are you well aware of the health benefits of prune juice?

Prunes are known as dried plums and are popular for their laxative attributes. A lot of people, after knowing the benefits of prune juice eat them or drink their juice to reduce the constipation problem.

There is a great variety of plums found that are quite different in texture, color & taste. Any plum can technically be called a prune, but this very term actually applies to dried European plum which is called Prunus Domestica.

Other varieties of plums are Prunus Americana & Prunus salicina. All these 3 kinds of plum constitute the total production of prunes in the whole world.

The three plums mentioned above are called freestone plums which means that their pits can be easily removed.

No one can argue about the health benefits of prune juice so you must definitely incorporate them in your diet.

Benefits of Prune Juice

Following are some of the health benefits of Prune juice: –

1) For Good Digestion

One of the health benefits of prune juice is that they work better in constipation. As they are a rich source of fiber so they can really help in the problem of hemorrhoids which occurs due to constipation.

Due to the laxative properties of Prune juice, it is one of the safe remedies to get free from chronic constipation.

Although prune juice does not possess the same fiber like fruit, but it still has some fiber & a number of minerals and vitamins like the whole fruit.

2) Controls Urine Frequency

Of all the health benefits of prune juice, this one will really comfort those who are suffering from the problem of excessive urination.

Many people suffer from frequent urination and search for ways to remove this problem. Your overactive bladder can sometimes be the result of constipation which increases your urine frequency.

However, you may find a solution to this problem by drinking prune juice.

This juice helps regulate your bowel movements and provide you fiber. It gives you the best results if you drink it properly.

3) Rich Source of Iron

There is a long list of health benefits of prune juice and it also helps you to treat your anemia problem.

Iron is very necessary for our body and its deficiency leads to Anemia. Irritability, fatigue and shortness of breath are a few symptoms of anemia.

Prune juice is a rich source of iron & it helps in treating the deficiency of iron in your body. So better go with consuming this juice to treat iron deficiency naturally rather than relying on medication.

4) Lowers Cholesterol

Cholesterol is not good for your body as it leads to the narrowness of your arteries that can cause a life-threatening condition such as heart attack, stroke, and heart failure.

One of the amazing benefits of prune juice is that it can lower the levels of your cholesterol that can make you healthy. So, it good to use prune juice for a healthy body.

5) Helps in Reducing Appetite

Prunes can really help you lose weight! And that too by letting you feel full! Prunes have a good amount of fiber that is slow indigestion. A slower digestion process can let your appetite fulfilled for a longer period.

Prunes contain a low glycemic index that raises glucose levels in the blood in a slow manner. So, there is no spike in sugar levels that help you control your appetite.

6) Reduces Skin Problems

Today, many youngsters are facing common skin problems such as acne & pimples that make your face look bad. Prune juice can help reduce your skin troubles to a greater extent.This juice has colon cleansing properties that keep your stomach healthy and flush out any waste that is responsible for skin related problems.

Prunes, being rich in anti-oxidants, are also helpful in the prevention of aging. They reduce aging signs such as wrinkles & fine lines and lend your skin a healthy, young and fresh look.

7)  For Healthy Hair

Prune juice also contains many vitamins such as vitamin C and vitamin B which prove beneficial for hair. These vitamins give strength to the hair follicles from their roots & save them from breakage & damage.

8) Prevents Constipation

Today, constipation has affected most of the people due to the current fast-paced lifestyle. Regular consumption of junk food is one of the causes of constipation. Prune juice is a trusted as well as an effective remedy for constipation due to the existence of insoluble fiber in it. The insoluble fiber lets your stool pass easily thereby relieving you from constipation.

9) Balances Sugar Levels

Prune juice is also good for normalizing your sugar levels by its slow glucose absorption process. Soluble fibers contained in it can grow insulin sensitivity that helps in preventing diabetes.

10) Protects Heart

Prune juice contains antioxidants that can cut the risk of heart-related diseases. These anti-oxidants lower the cholesterol and prevent the building process of the arteries. This juice is also a rich source of potassium which helps in minimizing the blood pressure.

11) Prevents Hemorrhoids

Prune juice also prevents hemorrhoids that occur due to the problem of constipation and also due to the hard movements of the bowel. Being a natural laxative, Prune juice can provide you comfort in hemorrhoids.

12) Wonderful Moisturizer

Prune juice can provide deep moisturizing effects on human skin. The ones who are stressed due to dry or oily skin can use a face mask made of prune. This face mask is very beneficial for your face skin as it leaves your skin revitalized, smooth and soft.

13. Source of Important Vitamins

Vitamins nourish your skin and make it healthy. But it is best if you take vitamins from natural sources. One of the effective health benefits of prune juice is that it is a rich source of vitamin C & A and is good for the body. If you drink a single glass of this juice, you won’t need any other extra supplement to boost your body.

14. Best Weight Loss Diet

Prune juice is a powerhouse of energy and works best when you take it in your weight loss. Besides, the soluble fiber that is contained in this juice helps add bulk to your diet. This juice makes you feel full & satisfied and help you avoid overeating.

15. Helpful in Frequent Urination

Prune juice helps treat your overactive bladder. One of the wonderful health benefits of prune juice is that it deals with the problem of frequent urination. If you often get up in the middle of your important work for urinating, then you should consider some natural treatment for it and consuming this juice can be good for your condition. It provides you fiber that helps improve your poor bladder function.

16. For Natural Body Functions

One of the worth-mentioning health benefits of prune juice is that it helps in supporting several important body functions. It has potassium that helps in the natural functioning of several bodily systems such as blood pressure, digestion & muscle contractions. As our body does not have potassium, we can take potassium from prunes and fulfill the requirements of our body.

17. Good for Bones

One of the multiple health benefits of prune juice is that it makes your bones strong and healthy. If you consume 100 grams of prunes daily, it will support and maintain your bone health. The main reason behind it is that it fulfills the deficiency of potassium & boron in the bones. Apart from it, prune juice is also helpful in treating arthritis problems in our bodies. When your bones are strong, it also helps in lowering the risk of a bone problem i.e. osteoporosis.

18. Good for Respiratory

Improving respiratory function is also one of the useful health benefits of prune juice and due to this reason, it is very helpful to be taken in respiratory disorders. Prune juice also lowers stress as well as inflammation of the respiratory tract.


To conclude, prunes are undoubtedly the best food one can take for overall bodily health. Just eat prunes like a snack or drink its juice whatever your liking is. However, Prune juice is not good for diabetic people as it has high calories & sugar in it. So, it would be best if you take the advice of your physician before consuming its juice.

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