15 Amazing Foods for Glowing Skin

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Healthy & glowing skin adds glamour to your beauty! You might wonder if there are any foods for glowing skin that you can try if you want your skin to be healthy.

Surveys tell us that what we eat affects our overall health as well as our skin.

Don’t just stay unaware and have a look at the following amazing foods for glowing skin!

Best Foods for Glowing Skin

1.Fatty Fish

You might have known about Fatty Fish being an amazing food for radiant & healthy skin! Salmon, herring, mackerel are all fatty fish and are wonderful foods for your body skin as they are enriched with omega 3, which plays a major role in maintaining it healthy. Omega 3 also keeps your skin moisturized & thick.

Many surveys indicate that omega 3 fats can fight inflammatory condition of your skin such as lupus & psoriasis and make it less sensitive to the harmful UV rays of the sun.

     2. Walnuts

Walnuts are superfood for your skin!

Due to the sufficient amount of important fatty acids in them,  they are highly beneficial for your skin- more than some of the nuts.

Walnuts can not only fight inflammation but also help your body to function in a proper way. Walnuts have zinc that can heal your wounds and fight any kind of bacteria & inflammation.

Apart from this, this superfood is enriched with vitamin E, selenium & Vitamin C that are good for your body.

   3. Sweet Potatoes

Beta-carotene is a nutrient found in plants.

Sweet Potatoes are the best source of Beta-carotene that can convert into vitamin A after entering your body. When you eat this food, it is mixed into your skin & save the cells from the exposure of the sun. This can really help in preventing sunburn, dry & wrinkled skin.

   4. Broccoli

Broccoli possesses a lot of vitamins & minerals such as vitamin C, vitamin A & zinc that are wonderful for your skin. It has a carotenoid named lutein, that works exactly like beta-carotene. Luetin saves your skin from becoming wrinkled and dry by protecting you from oxidative damage.

Apart from that Broccoli also contains sulforaphane that possesses a number of surprising benefits. It has also anti-cancer properties of a few kinds of skin cancer.

Sulforaphane is a powerful yet effective protective agent that saves you from the sun damage. It neutralizes the dangerous free radicals & switches on other kinds of protective systems present in your body.

5. Avocados

Avocados can provide you healthy fats. Fats contained in this superfood may be of much benefit to you as they can improve a lot of your body functions along with your skin health.

If you take such fats, your skin will remain flexible as well as moisturized. There are pieces of evidence that Avocados has many vital compounds that can save you from the damage done by Sun.

These superfoods possess Vitamin E, which is the best antioxidant one may use for avoiding the oxidative damage.

6.  Tomatoes

Tomatoes are full of vitamin C & also contain all kinds of major carotenoids such as lycopene.

Lycopene, luetin & Beta-carotene are considered the best things to save you from any damage resulting from the rays of the sun. In addition to this, they can also help prevent your wrinkles.

Tomatoes contain important carotenoids in them so they are considered to be the excellent food for your healthy skin. For the best results, you should consider pairing tomatoes with olive oil or cheese as Fat enhances carotenoids absorption in your body.

7. Dark Chocolate

You would simply wonder knowing about the health benefits of Dark Chocolate!

Well, yes! It is one of the phenomenal things for your skin.

Try consuming cocoa powder for six to twelve weeks and you will experience a more hydrated and thicker skin.

One of the studies says that consumption of 20 grams of dark chocolate on a daily basis can help your skin withstand much quantity of UV radiation.

8. Green Tea

You all know the benefits of consuming green tea!

It is undoubtedly good to protect you from aging and skin damage!

Green tea contains powerful compounds called catechins that can make your skin better in a number of ways.

Drinking green tea daily can reduce redness caused by sun exposure by 25%. It is also found to be useful for the elasticity, roughness, thickness & moisture of your skin.

Although green tea is highly preferred by many for maintaining healthy skin, yet you shouldn’t drink it with milk. Reason being is that when it is taken with milk, it reduces the impact of the antioxidants of green tea.

9. Carrot

Carrots are known to have beta-carotene that provides them their color. Beta-carotene possesses antioxidant properties that stop the cell as well as the DNA damage. However, you should avoid taking carrots too frequently as that may lead to the discoloration of your skin. Try taking them as stir-fried or you can add them into your salad to get their full health benefits.

10. Papaya

We bet you hardly know how Papaya can be beneficial for you!

Well, apart from being sweet as well as delicious food, they have enzymes such as chymopapain, papain, vitamin B, C, A & also dietary fiber. Papaya can improve your digestion to a greater extent and also provide you with fresh skin by preventing your pigmentation and acne.

 This fruit also lowers your blood pressure and slow your aging process. It contains antimicrobial activity & it can treat burns in kids.

11. Olive Oil

Olive oil makes your skin better as it has vitamin E which flushes out any toxins. Some studies suggest that they can protect you from ultraviolet radiation & reduce skin cancer risk. You can make salad dressing by using olive oil or you can start cooking your food in this oil. This will make your skin healthy from inside.  

12. Garlic

Garlic has been a magical ingredient for years due to its antibiotic properties. It is full of vitamin B6, C, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. Garlic helps in fighting skin infections and reduces skin rashes. You can consume it by adding it into grilled fish, pasta, salad & roasted chicken.

13. Coconut

Coconut is also one of the most beneficial foods for healthy skin as it provides natural hydration to you and also contains potassium in it. Its oil is rich in vitamins E, minerals, vitamin K and healthy fats that help boost your hair and their growth. If it is used in the form of pre-wash conditioning treatment it lessens the loss of protein which is responsible for leaving the strands weak.

14. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar maintains a healthy pH which is necessary for getting a glowing and healthy skin. It is one of the important foods for healthy skin and the reason being is that it works like a digestive tonic to your body and help you relieve from constipation. In this way, it eliminates waste from your body and removes bad bacteria.

15. Broccoli

Broccoli is one of the beneficial foods to consume if you are looking for healthy and good skin. It contains vitamin C, which helps in promoting the production of collagen in the human skin. By doing that it helps in softening the wrinkles and fine lines of your skin. Apart from vitamin C, Broccoli also has vitamin A, lutein, zinc and carotenoid that is also beneficial for your skin. 


The ones who care about their skin can bring a change in their diet to notice a change in their skin. The abovementioned foods can benefit you, but make sure to eat their sufficient amount.

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