Amazing Benefits of Salads on Your Body

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The general consensus amongst many concerned individuals is switching to a more rudimentary diet. Though we cannot stop buying food altogether, eating more organic food(salads) is a great way of staying healthy.

A salubrious diet has become a great concern for working class Indians these days. Coming to terms with the reality of adulterated food, and augmented level of chemicals in vegetables (due to overuse of fertilizers); there is a growing concern about the quality of food available in the market.

Salads, of many kinds, have now become staple food and a majority of people prefer eating them. Composed mostly of organic constituents and no processed ingredients, salads have assumed prominence among health geeks and fitness freaks alike.

Benefits of Salads

Amongst the many benefits of eating salads, a few are mentioned below:

1)   Salad keeps your fiber requirements at an optimum level

A healthy fiber level has countless advantages. Besides maintaining seamless digestion in the body, fibers maintain blood sugar level, control cholesterol and decrease the likelihood of heart disease.

2)   Salad dressing carries a lower risk to your health compared to cooking oil

Salad dressing is often criticized as being the same processed food a person left conventional food for. In reality, common salad dressing causes no harm compared to standard cooking oils. Besides being the only ingredient, which absorbs vitamins, salad dressing provides a steady flow of unsaturated fats which are vital for sustaining a balanced diet.

3)   Your one-stop-shop for all protein requirements

Proteins are constantly consumed by our body for biological reasons. Thus, having a healthy supply of protein in your diet is imperative for staying fit and healthy. Supplements in salads such as lettuce, spinach, and kale are a great source of proteins. Non-vegetarian supplements may also be used but in a cautious amount.

4)   Salad punctures your calorie intake and provides satiety

A great concern for people trying to lose weight is to control hunger. Many people consider it a laughing matter, but reducing appetite is one of the hardest things to accomplish while losing weight. Salads help in this regard too.

A heavy salad with low-calorie count is still healthier than a light calorie loaded alternative. Having a diet full of salads is crucial if you’re trying to lose weight. Besides satiating your hunger, internal processes such as respiration and digestion become much more efficient.

5)   Your fat intake becomes smarter

Believe it or not, fats are essential!

The problem with the fat intake is two folded! Without a steady supply, your body’s immune system will fizzle down and too much intake results in obesity and related problems. Salad cuts right through this problem by marinating just the right amount of fat needed to keep your body fully functional.

6) Salads are loaded with Antioxidants

A number of salad ingredients contain vitamin A and vitamin C which has antioxidant carotenoids. Spinach and green lettuce are enriched with the right amount of both these vitamins and if you add carrot to them you can get 100 percent of vitamin A you need on a daily basis.

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