Amazing Tips to Treat Diabetes Naturally

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Our world today is fighting a hard battle, a battle against diabetes. In the reports presented by the World Health Organization (WHO), the percentage of Global Diabetes Prevalence among people over the age of 18 has risen from 4.7% to 8.5% over the span of 18 years and it has been stated that by 2030, this disease will become the 7th biggest cause of death in the world.

In elementary terms, diabetes is the inability of the body to produce insulin, or not make efficient use of it created by our body. In the hapless situation when the body is unable to do so, the person is detected to have diabetes. As hard as it is to avoid Type-1 Diabetes, the prevention of Type-2 is simpler to adopt and ingratiate in our quotidian routine.

A Few Tips to Treat Diabetes

1. Lifestyle

The first step towards bidding diabetes goodbye predicates a lifestyle change. This consists of following a healthy diet and a schedule including regular workout sessions to remain healthy and fit. It has been proven that the leading cause of this disease, apart from genes, is being overweight.

2. Losing Weight

The extra weight in a pre-diabetic body reduces the insulin sensitivity of the body. Instead of adopting flashy dieting patterns, one must choose natural and healthier methods to shed down their excess weight. Exercise increases the insulin sensitivity of the body, the more one exercises, the lesser insulin would be needed to aid your BGL.

3. Incorporating a healthy diet

A healthy diet means a healthy life! Increased intake of fats, carbohydrates, and sugary substances are the primary triggers of diabetes. They break out the already disturbed balance of BGL in the bloodstreams. Meals must include good fats in place of bad fats. Good fats are found in vegetable oils, seeds, and nuts, whereas bad fats are consumed in the form of processed food and fried food.

4. Eating substitutes

Substitutes such as nuts, poultry products, and whole grains, reduce the risk of diabetes increased by the consumption of processed food and red meat. A large meal consumed at once creates a sudden increase in sugar levels of the body.

5. Dividing meals every day

Daily meals consumed must be divided, i.e. the number of meals must be more and the quantity of the meals must be less. Water, coffee, and tea must be the primary drinking items in your diet plan over soda and other aerated drinks. Water, as it is known, has many benefits, and blocking the way for diabetes is one of them.

6. Give up smoking

Along with diabetes, smoking has engendered many fatal diseases including cancer and brain diseases.  Smoking increases the risk of diabetes by 44%. You might be a passive smoker, but its effects will reach you nonetheless.

There are many things that belong to fate, but a little effort towards a healthier life can stop diabetes from becoming one.

7. Try to Lower your Alcohol Intake

If you are drinking alcohol in diabetes on a regular basis, then you are doing a great harm to your body. Drinking alcohol in diabetes can increase your blood sugar levels which may worsen your condition. As alcohol has a lot of calories so it’s not considered to be safe for you.

However, if you feel like taking a less amount of alcohol, then first do check with your doctor and then go ahead.

8. Visit your Doctor Regularly

When you have diabetes, it’s really important to check yourself at regular intervals. You should visit your doctor to check the sugar levels, blood pressure as well as cholesterol levels so that you can know as to what you need to do next to keep your sugar levels low

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