Know about the possible Reasons of Obesity

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Do you know what are the reasons of obesity? well, several things are responsible for making a person obese. Obesity has for long been a challenge among-st the many strides medical science has taken over recent decades. Since the problem is completely subjective from person-to-person, there aren’t many medical professionals can do to put a stop to obesity unequivocally.

To understand this condition, one needs to look beyond the general definition of the problem. In layman terms, obesity is a state when a human being is overweight relative to his height and physique. The location of this extra weight also varies from person-to-person.  While in some cases the weight is spread across different parts of the body, other cases have weight concentrated above the waist.

As mentioned before, to understand the obese state, we need to look beyond the general perception surrounding the causes of obesity. Some of the possible reasons for obesity are mentioned below.

Reasons of Obesity

1. Genetic obesity

While most obese cases are generally borne from a person’s own lifestyle and habits, some of the severe cases stem from genetic causes.

This implies that these cases have a special gene mutation which makes obesity an inbuilt issue rather than a problem predicated on lifestyle habits. These cases are especially dangerous, as it literally translates to ‘sneaking’ weight gain rather than consequences resulting from bad lifestyle habits.

2. Birth defects

This may sound suspiciously wrong, but studies have shown that malformations during birth have a proportional relation with obese maternal health.

This takes the problem of obesity in a dangerous territory. While the earlier obese state was subjective only to the person having it, the consequence of this problem on another person poses a great problem. Some statistics show that many pregnant women were overweight during their first appointment with a gynaecologist.

3. Sneaking weight

Perhaps the most adverse effects of obesity, sneaking weight is essentially the spiralling of weight caused by little or no intake Weight gain doesn’t have a linear relationship with intake or eating habits. As a person puts on more weight, problems such as speed eating become much more dangerous than they otherwise are. To put it simply, even a small increase in the intake may cause a great increase in weight. This problem forms the dark paradox which obesity leads people into.

4. Legacy issues

Habits related to obese condition during pregnancy often lead to the same habits being passed down to children at a very young age. This underlines the severity of obesity as it takes down multiple targets simultaneously.

The key reason behind the passing of these habits from mother to child is the highly malleable nature of metabolism of a child. The early stage of a child’s life is crucial, as it sets up their eating habits for the rest of their lives.

To get rid of the obese state isn’t an easy job nor is anyone preaching otherwise. However, conscious steps need to be taken by subjects of obesity themselves to snuff this plague out of society. Whether one adopts natural ways to reduce obesity or artificial methods, the problem is too severe and perilous to be left aside and forgotten.

5. Junk Foods

Junk foods are the real culprit behind increasing obesity among the people. Processed foods are a combination of additives that can lead one to an obese condition. As these products are easy on the pocket and provide a great taste, so they are just hard to avoid. Food manufacturers try to make them very tasty so that people can’t resist eating them. This is the reason why people overeat them.

6. Sugar

Sugar can be the worst thing for your body. When consumed heavily, sugar changes the biochemistry and hormones of your body which leads to the weight gain. Excess fructose comes with sugar, can cause increased insulin levels and insulin resistance. Sugar provides increased storage of energy which thereby leads to obesity.


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