16 Common Weight Loss Mistakes to Avoid

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Are you committing a couple of weight loss mistakes and due to this reason you are not able to shed your fat even after your stringent exercise regime?

Losing your increasing fat is a daunting task and it needs sincere efforts on the part of a bulky person. But sometimes it is not easy to shed your weight even after making the required efforts. Many people move to short-term weight loss programs that don’t prove to be too much beneficial for them.

Well, here are a few common weight loss mistakes if you are looking for shedding your fat fastly :-

Few Weight Loss Mistakes to Avoid During Your Weight Loss Regime

1.    Repeatedly checking your weight on the weighing scale

Sometimes you are almost fit into your old clothes, and sometimes they appear unfit to them. Well, the reason is that you are thinking too much on the weight that shows up in your weighing scale!

Aren’t you? Well, you shouldn’t check your weight daily as that will depress you as in that case you would be thinking that your weight is not reducing immediately. Everything needs time and you need to struggle to achieve your goals. Checking your weight on the weighing scale is one of the avoidable weight loss mistakes that most of the people usually do while trying to reduce their weight.

So, just continue trying hard efforts for your goal without even checking your body weight on a daily basis on weighing scale and you will see that there is finally a considerable change in your bulky body.

2.    No Exercise or Heavy Workouts

Well, you shouldn’t go for too much exercise as well as light exercises as in both cases you are not going to reduce your weight considerably.

This is one of the important weight loss mistakes to avoid during your weight reduction regime.

However, you should take enough exercises on a daily basis to burn your fats & gain your muscle mass.

Many people do heavy workouts for longer hours which is also not advisable as that will make you fall ill.

So, the best thing for continuous weight loss is to do enough exercises as that can make you slimmer.

3.    Switching to a Fat-Free Diet

Taking a fat-free diet during your weight loss regime is one of the most important things to take care of.

We do not know the kinds of fat we should include in our diet. One of the weight-loss mistakes to avoid is to exclude bad fats in your diet which is not going to be beneficial for you in any case.

You should only include good fats in your diet that can make you fit and healthy. We seem to be satisfied with choosing low-fat weight reduction foods in our diet but we don’t know the sugar content of these foods.

Just ensure to choose the products that have monosaturated fats for promoting easy weight loss.

4.    Usage of Weight-loss Supplements

One of the common weight loss mistakes is to consider weight loss supplements as magic products and imagine being slim instantly after using them.

Well, the reality is completely different as many facts & myths are related to these supplements. These weight loss supplements do work only when we also take extreme care of our diet and also do some exercises daily to stay fit.

Weight loss supplements combined with sufficient workouts can provide the body you have dreamt of.

5.    Skipping Meals

Skipping meals is among the most common weight loss mistakes to avoid when we are initiating a weight loss program.

Many people believe that merely skipping their meals can bring a dramatic change in their weight. However, you are only making your body starve by skipping your food.

When you skip meals, your body does not get the required nutrition and you lose your body’s energy which is very important for you to stay healthy.

Another interesting thing related to skipping meals is that although we try to stop our cravings for food yet we end up eating more food than required by doing that.

For example, you skip your lunch, but you will surely end up eating more snacks in the evening which is a big no-no when you are on a weight loss regime.

6.    Salt Cravings

Salt cravings is another one of the weight loss mistakes to avoid if you want to burn your extra fat instantly.

If you keep on eating more salt while watching your favorite TV shows and films, then you need to stop this habit.

You can go for low salt weight-loss food to stop your body gaining more weight.

7.    Fast Eating Habits

Fast eating habits are one of the common weight loss mistakes to avoid while shedding your weight.

You should be aware of the fact you when you eat fast you will end up overeating which is a big no-no in your weight loss program.

Properly chewing your food and enjoying every bite of your food helps your body to signal your mind to stop eating the food the moment your stomach is full.

You should eat slowly even if you have started a weight loss program as that will help you feel full in a faster way.

8. Don’t be a Night Owl

One of the lesser-known weight loss mistakes is the habit of staying awake late at night! Being a night owl for any of your work will impact badly on your weight loss regime. You must develop a practice of sleeping early and getting sufficient sleep so that your metabolism should be in the correct place.

9. Not Eating Sufficient Fruits & Vegetables

You should keep eating enough vegetables and fruits during your weight loss programs! Not eating healthy veggies & fruits is one of the common mistakes to avoid in weight loss and it will certainly affect your weight loss regime. So, it is always good to consume healthy fruits and vegetables along with losing your body weight.

10. Not Eating Fiber

While you are on a weight loss diet, make sure that you keep eating fiber. Soluble fiber is beneficial for your digestive system as it absorbs the water and changes into gel thereby making you feel full. Fiber is also a slow fat absorption & helps control your sugar levels.

11. Not Planning Meals Beforehand

Poor planning of eating meals beforehand can impact your weight loss regime greatly! When your hunger suddenly hits and you are bound to order some unhealthy food or eat something that is not good for your weight, all your hard work goes waste. To avoid this situation, just plan at least 3 meals and then go to the grocery store for their ingredients so that you don’t have to be in confusion as to what to eat when you are hungry.

12. Feeling Discouraged

One of the common mistakes to avoid in weight loss is to feel discouraged on your weight not going down quickly. Losing your extra pounds will take some time, however, it is not at all impossible!

You should be extra patient during your weight loss regime as everybody reacts to exercise & diet differently. Some people lose 1-2 pounds per week, while others may take some more time to get slimmer. The most avoidable thing is to not compare yourself with others as that will lead you into depression.

13. Giving Up Sweets

Many people believe that giving up sweets & relying on only veggies and soups can help them lose your weight faster. However, you can eat sweets and cakes once in a while. Eat your favourite snacks sometimes without any guilty but stick to your fat burning program once again.  So do not give up anything completely and make sure to have a balanced diet that contains a variety of food so that you can’t miss out on anything.

14. Not Eating Sufficient Protein

Protein intake plays an important part in weight loss. Numerous studies indicate that protein intake helps in weight loss in numerous ways. It reduces appetite and increases the feeling of fullness. To optimize weight loss, try to include protein in your every meal.

15. Overeating on the Weekend

One of the mistakes to avoid in weight loss is to overeat on weekends. We often follow a strict diet schedule on weekdays, but on weekends we tend to eat more. This is not the right practice to shed your weight as we have to follow the same diet plan every day whether it is any weekday or Saturdays and Sundays. These extra calories when taken slow the process of weight loss.

16. No Sure Shot way to Lose Weight

One of the most common weight loss mistakes to avoid is to think that the goal of weight loss is too easy to get! Well, that is not the case! It is a slow continuous process that calls for strong dedication, commitment & focus. So, it is not advised to go for dieting as that also comes with its side-effects & risks. However, the best thing is to always stick with your fitness regime and you will surely achieve your weight loss goals one day.  


Weight loss is all about consuming a healthy diet. The diet, as well as the workout that contributes to weight loss, is somewhat tough to adopt. But if you follow it properly, you will surely get positive results in terms of losing your extra flab.

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