18 Amazing Home Remedies for Headache Treatment

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Medicines are not the sole option if you are looking for a quick headache treatment as there are many proven home remedies for headache treatment that can help you prevent this condition.

Let’s check some amazing natural home remedies for headache prevention:-

Best Home Remedies for Headache Treatment

1.    Water

Staying hydrated is one of the best treatment for headache !


Water is undoubtedly one of the best home remedies for headache as dehydration is one of the underlying causes of this condition.

When you drink sufficient water, it saves you from having a headache.

So, drink sufficient amount of water daily so that you may prevent headache.

2.    Peppermint Oil

It is also one of the useful home remedies to for headache that helps you feel better when you use it!

Peppermint has menthol in it which helps in opening up of the clogged blood vessels which is the reason behind headaches.

Just mix 3 drops of peppermint oil with 1 tablespoon of olive oil and almond oil. Now start massaging your forehead as well as your temples with this mixture. You can also apply some freshly crushed peppermint leaves on the forehead.

You can also go for a steam treatment by mixing some peppermint oil in the boiling water.

3.    Cloves

Cloves are also considered to be among the most workable home remedies for headache that needs a mention here.

You can also rely on cloves to get rid of your headache due to their pain-relieving and cooling properties.

To use them in headaches, just crush a few cloves and put them in a handkerchief. Now just inhale the smell of these cloves when you experience headache and you will feel relieved from your condition. Massaging your temples as well as forehead can also help you relieve your headache.

4.    Basil

Basil is also one of the most wonderful home remedies for headache that can help you recover from a mild headache. It relaxes your tense muscles with its analgesic and calming effects.

For the better results, just mix 3 to 4 fresh leaves of Basil in the boiling water when preparing your tea. You can also add some honey to your tea.

You can also use the steam treatment made by boiling water mixed with some basil leaves and some basil oil drops.

5.    Ginger

Ginger is considered to be one of the useful remedies for a headache that is helpful in the reduction of swelling of blood vessels of an individual’s head thereby providing quick relief in his headache. 

For best results, make a mixture of ginger juice & lemon juice and consume this mixture twice.

You can also mix the dry ginger powder with water and apply this mixture on your forehead for a short time. One can boil the powder of ginger in water and inhale its vapor.

6.    Take Enough Sleep

Do you know that less sleeping or too much sleeping can cause you a headache!

Well, sleep problems are said to be the most common reasons for the headaches.

The reason is that when you sleep less, you don’t take full body rest which can cause you headaches. So, taking enough sleep is one of the proven remedies for a headache that will make you feel better.

7.    Massage pressure points

If you experience severe headache, you must find the important pressure points of your body and try to massage these points.

A lot of people do this regularly. They rub their neck or pinch the upper part of their nose to ease their headache problem.

Many people think that massaging the neck, jaws, and temples can help you relieve the tension and lessen your tension headache that results from getting too stressed.

Massaging points are considered to be among the best remedies for headache as they can provide you quick relief from your headache problems. You can find other areas of massaging to get relief from headache such as between the eyebrows and sides of the nose bridge.

Massaging these spots can relieve the tension from your head or eyes and in this way, you can get yourself relieved from your headache.

8.    Limit the Intake of Alcohol

Some people can’t bear too much of the alcohol and experience headache due to the hangover. This can happen as the alcohol works like a diuretic which makes the body release a large quantity of water in the form of urine.

You experience headaches not only due to heavy drinking but due to moderate drinking too. Taking alcohol in any quantity can make you dehydrated and cause you severe headaches.

So, one of the easiest home remedies for headache is to lower your alcohol usage that will help you solve your headache problem.

9.    Cinnamon

Cinnamon is believed to be one of the most effective home remedies for headache related  problems.

To remove your headache through Cinnamon, you need to grind a few cinnamon sticks and make a powder of it. Now you need to add some quantity of water for making a thick paste of it. Apply this mixture on the forehead as well as temples and just lie down for some time. After a few minutes, just wash this mixture off using lukewarm water.

10.     Hot and Cold Therapies

Hot and cold therapies are also considered to be effectual remedies to treat headache conditions!

If you are suffering from migraine, then you can place an ice pack on your neck and it will help you get better. The reason why ice therapy is good is that it helps in lowering the inflammation that usually results in a headache. It helps in easing your pain.

Another useful remedy to treat headache is hot water therapy!

You can put your feet in hot water that will help you control your headache problem. If you are experiencing severe headache, just add some quantity of mustard powder in the water.

11. Yoga

According to a research study, Yoga is one of the effective home remedies for headache  As is it effective in other medical conditions. yoga also works effectively against treating your headaches. One can try doing a lot of asanas (yoga postures) & breathing techniques and can get rid of headache. Some yoga exercises such as neck rolls, jaw stretching asanas and stretching ear exercises are much effective for treating headaches effectively.

12. Try Caffeine

You would wonder that caffeine can be one of the helpful home remedies for headache for many people. As caffeine works in reducing the swelling of the blood vessels, it can help in relieving your headache. However, if you are already taking caffeine in the form of coffee, then you can skip it.

13. Lavender Oil

Using lavender oil can also ease your headaches!

You can use this oil to get relieved from the pain that is resulting from the headache. Just massage some quantity of this oil on your head and then lie and enjoy its scent. If you are looking for immediate relief, then go in a dark and cool room. The longer you will be around the aroma of lavender the sooner you will get relieved. This can be a magical home remedies for headache once you try it. 

14. Apple

Apples can be a better option for you If you are looking for naturally treating your headaches!

Apples help in restoring the balance of acid-alkaline in your body. If you experience headache just after waking up in the morning, then take an apple, sprinkle some salt on it and eat it. After that, drink warm water. Adding 2 spoons of apple cider vinegar in water with lemon juice and honey is also very beneficial in treating your headache. You can drink this mixture for twice or thrice. 

15. Dim Your Lights

The flickering light is not good for your eyes!

Headaches may also occur when you are working on your laptop and a flickering light is coming from your screen. For that, you can use anti-glare screens that will be more friendly to your eyes.

If you feel that this light can harm your eyes, just use blackout curtains in your home throughout the day. When you are out of home, make sure to wear sunglasses.

16. Coconut and Mineral Water

Headaches may also occur due to dehydration. If you have headache because of dehydration, try coconut as well as mineral water as they are the best for the headaches caused by dehydration. As they are the best source of electrolytes without any artificial sweeteners so they are very effective in helping you get rid of your headache.

17. Don’t Use Chewing Gum

You would wonder that chewing gum can also cause headaches. Not only it hurts the jaw but is also not good for your head. The same thing applies to chew your lips, fingernails, the inside part of your cheeks or some objects such as pens. Besides, you should also avoid consuming sticky & crunchy foods. If you have to take them, then make sure to consume them in small bites. Many people grind their teeth in sleep. These people can consult a dentist to get a mouth guard to avoid this problem. Using these tips can help you stay away from the headaches occurring in the early morning.

18. Meditation

Do you know meditation is also one of the amazing home remedies to treat headache naturally?  The reason being is that it relaxes your complete body right from your tip to toe.

As you practice meditation, you will see that your stress level is going down and also notice relaxation in your headache condition. It is always better to stay away from stress which can be the hidden culprit of your headache and meditation is one of the best things to cure your headache naturally.


It is not always right to take medication for headaches when we cure them through several home remedies and tips. Many of these remedies and trips to prevent headache have been extremely effective and can be used easily by anyone.

However, if you are suffering from persistent headache, then it is always the best to consult a doctor to cure your condition.

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