15 Most Powerful Foods to Control Diabetes

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Do you know that there are many amazing foods to control diabetes effectively ? Well, Proper food habits are the best way to stay away from dangerous diseases! And that is very true if you are affected with diabetes and are seeking the proven ways to cope up with it.

Diabetes is the result of our bad lifestyle that can spike the sugar level of our body. However eating the following foods to control diabetes can be the best choice you can make if you want to lower your sugar levels.

Best Foods to Control Diabetes

1) Avocado

One of the foods to control diabetes is Avocado that work better to regulate your appetite! Surveys say that consuming half avocado with the meal can easily reduce your hunger without affecting your post-meal sugar levels. This way it can be helpful for the ones who are diabetic & want to control their body weight.

2) Cinnamon

The fragrance spice- Cinnamon is said to bring cholesterol levels to a low thereby keeping blood sugar in check.  You need to consume one-fourth teaspoon of it on a daily basis and you will see a noticeable difference in your sugar & cholesterol levels. You can mix cinnamon into yogurt, smoothies, oatmeal or even in your coffee. In addition to its benefits, Cinnamon also increases flavor of your food even without adding any salt or sugar.

3) Oatmeal

Oats are undoubtedly the best choice for controlling diabetes! The fiber contained in the oats help minimizing spiking sugar levels of your body thereby improving insulin sensitivity. Fibers in oats are soluble fibers that can effectively minimize your blood sugar by lowering the breakdown as well as the assimilation of the carbohydrates due to the consumption of other foods.  Many studies have proved that Oats not even lower cholesterol & blood pressure levels but also the levels of your fasting insulin.

4) Beans

Beans are too good for diabetics! They have protein & fiber in them that can help you stay sated with food. Beans when added to their diet on a daily basis can help you control your blood sugar & blood pressure levels. The other reason to include beans in your diet is that they are inexpensive and you can use different varieties of them such as pinto, cannellini beans, garbanzo, black in salads & soups.  

5) Quinoa

Quinoa is rich in protein and is considered to be a great alternative for white rice or white pasta. ½ cup cooked quinoa contains 3gms fiber & 4 gms protein that helps the body to digest it properly. Quinoa is a complete protein as it has 9 important amino acids in it that are useful for building muscle. Besides, it also contains iron, magnesium & minerals etc.

6) Olive Oil

With its MUFA (monounsaturated fatty acid) content, olive oil is one of the best ways to keep diabetes in check. Surveys say that MUFAs control your blood sugar by minimizing insulin resistance and help the cells to respond with your body’s insulin in a better way. Fat contained in olive oil can keep you full, lower your sugar spikes and lets your body absorb the vital nutrients such as Vitamins E & A.

7) Salmon

Salmon fish is also an important food to manage your diabetes! Enriched with omega-3 fatty acids, Salmon can provide health to your heart thereby lowering your body’s cholesterol levels & blood pressure levels. Other varieties of fatty fish containing omega-3 are sardines, mackerel & tuna. Consuming these fish are great for diabetic people having a risk of cardiovascular disease.

8) Broccoli

Broccoli is another super-food to watch out for when you have diabetes! The existence of a rich compound called sulforaphane in broccoli is very helpful in managing your diabetes. This compound can control your blood sugar & save the blood vessels from any kind of damage. It is not only a low-calorie & low- carbs superfood but also possesses a large number of nutrients such as iron & vitamin C.

9) Nuts

Nuts too are the perfect choice to fight diabetes! Walnuts, especially, are said to manage your blood sugar due to the existence of polyunsaturated fats in them. These fats can prevent or slow the conditions of diabetes as well as heart disease. Other nuts such as pistachios, pecans & almonds also have fats that are beneficial for your body.

10) Spinach

Being a rich source of magnesium, spinach is really helpful for your body to use insulin for the absorption of blood sugar and also to manage your blood sugars in an efficient manner. This green veggie has high vitamin K as well as Folate. You can take it in salads or you can sauté it in olive oil for a healthy dish.

11) Mushrooms

Mushrooms are the best substitute for meat as they are enriched with fiber & antioxidants. Just try adding sliced mushrooms as the meat substitute in recipes and you will be able to manage your sugar levels effectively.

12) Citrus Fruits

Persons with diabetes usually have lower vitamin C levels in their body. So they should go for citrus fruits which are packed with anti-oxidants and a good snack choice for them. Most of the people try to get vitamin C by consuming the pills. However, citrus fruits are the better choice than the pills.

13) Seeds

Seeds are also among the best foods to control diabetes. Several seeds of all kinds such as sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds & sesame seeds are full of proteins as well as fiber that helps in lowering the levels of blood sugar in your body and saving you from heart disease. They are the best sources of sterols that lessen cholesterol levels.

14) Fish

Fish is also one of the important foods to control diabetes as they have omega 3 fatty acids in them. They work for lessening diabetes as well as weight-related problems. People who are diabetic can switch from fatty meats to more leaner meat options such as fish which works wonderfully for their health.

15) Protein

Proteins are also said to be among the right foods to control diabetes as they aid in the digestion process. Due to their consumption, first, the blood sugar levels rise & fall after consuming a meal. To get proteins, you should rely on several protein-rich foods like legumes, lean beef, poultry & beans.


Diabetes is one such disease that needs to be averted as soon as possible. This disease does not come alone but with several other diseases that can make your life worse. So, it is best to use the above foods to avoid diabetes. Although these are the best foods to control diabetes, yet you must take care of consuming them in a suitable quantity.

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