10 Amazing Ways to Grow Your Instagram Followers

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Are you the one who is desperately seeking ways to grow your Instagram followers in order to get a strengthened online presence? but you do not know the right ways to do that.

An Instagram account is necessary for your blog’s success!

With as many as 200 million users, Instagram is undoubtedly the best and the most loved social media platform. If you have a large number of followers on Instagram, it will be easy for your business to flourish. A larger following on Instagram directly means more sales, more views on your particular blog and a powerful brand presence in your business. But to increase Instagram following is really tough and the newbies do not know a tad of how it is done.

Tips to Grow your Instagram Followers

Today, we’ve got amazing tips to grow your Instagram followers on your Instagram account. If you are desperate to increase your Instagram following, then refer to these tips as mentioned below: –

1)    Like Pics of the Accounts that are in Your Niche

Step one is to like the photos of the accounts that are in your niche. When you like these photos, you allow other persons to like your images too or to follow you too. Genuine comments can also be posted on their account. However, you should not look like a spammer while doing so. The simple method to find the people in your niche is to check the hashtags or to check their profile. Once you are confirmed about their domain or account, start liking their photos.

2)    Create a Unique Theme for Your Images

Once you properly follow step one, there is a high possibility that people will notice your username and also try to connect to you. Now it is the right time to market your account. Create a unique theme and add some catchy words so that everybody would like to associate himself with your account. Few Instagram accounts that have a catchy theme tend to get more followers than the ones that do not possess any theme.

3)    Be Social

You need to socialize if you want your blog to rank higher. Connect to Instagram accounts and comment on the posts to increase your followers. It is highly advised to post genuine comments so that the account holders are encouraged to post other photos. In this way, you will also add more and more followers to your account.

4)    Create Some Unique Hashtags

Creating unique hashtags is also a good strategy to build a community which helps in gaining new content for your Instagram account. However, make sure to create those hashtags which have not been used earlier. Now you need to ask other account holders to use your hashtags. Once other people use your own hashtags, then you can go ahead and start reposting images of these people by giving them full credit. This is really helpful as you will be able to build your own community of your followers and also get content for your Instagram account.

5)    Organize a Contest

If you want to lure your audience, the best thing would be to give something to them. For this purpose, you should better run a contest. Let the users re-post any image or tag you. Or you can request them to make use of your hashtag on their pics. In addition to this, you can also think of trying loop giveaway so that you can make collaboration with other Instagram account holders.

6)   Ask Others to Follow You

Do you have other social media accounts ready other than Instagram? If no, then create these accounts and ask your followers to follow you on Instagram. Once you start doing it, you will witness a large number of following on your Instagram account. You can also request your blog visitors to do the same for you.

7)  Use Actionable Posts

Try to use the posts that can help others to take an action. You can request the people to like any of your photos. In addition to this, sharing anything funny or related things can get you more followers. Tagging a friend can also work for you. If you put an interesting idea through your posts, people would love to follow you.

8)  Geotag the Photos

A geotagged photo also increases trust in your followers. You can geotag a photo of a recently visited place such as a restaurant, a historical monument or anything that interest you. Doing this will be very useful for your account as people would want to follow you for your genuineness.

9)   Do a Thorough Research

Just do a quick and thorough research! Check all your photos to see which photos get the most likes as well as comments. This way you will be able to figure out as to what your audience likes. Once you are done with your research make sure to post the photos according to the likings of your audience. This will be very beneficial for your Instagram account as there are higher chances where people like to follow you.

10)  Link Your Account to Other Networks   

By linking your Instagram account to other available social media platforms, you are increasing the chances of people following you. Many people who do not link their account to other available networks get fewer followers as all of their audience is from a single social media account i.e. Instagram.

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