Introduction to Digital Marketing and its Challenges

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You might have heard about the term Digital Marketing everywhere and kept guesstimating about what it stands for! Well, as the name suggests it’s just about marketing any product or service with the help of digital platforms and tactics.

The Internet has dramatically changed the way business used to operate owing to its super-fast and result oriented impact on a certain business. Today, if you are cognizant of proven digital marketing strategies you can really make your business popular. Whether you are a local company or a multinational one, gaining real customers is really easy through the finest digital marketing methods.

Unlike traditional marketing, this kind of promotion can gain you more and more customers and that too within the shortest possible time. The mind-boggling results of this marketing tactic are the reason why just everyone hankers for after these services. The presence of powerful online communication proves much profitable for the promotion of a brand and really strengthens its customer base.

So, before we know more about digital marketing, it is pretty essential to find the elements that are incorporated into it.

Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing

So, what makes digital marketing differ from the traditional marketing? Well, in both the marketing types, the purpose is the same- to boost the revenue of a business. However, there is a huge difference between their applications.

First, we try to understand what traditional marketing actually refers to: –

Traditional Marketing

1)    This type of marketing focuses on a unidirectional approach where a company communicates its offerings with its clients and customers.

2)    Emails, phone calls as well as letters play a major part in communicating a business to its customers in this type of approach.

3)    Traditional marketing is much time taking as a proper process is initiated where designing and launching any product or service is done.

4)    This kind of marketing is ideal for the local audience.

5)    Nobody can really judge the efficacy of this marketing type.

Digital Marketing

1)    Communication in this marketing campaign is purely bi-directional as the businesses and customers communicate with each other which creates a trusted bond between the two.

2)    Unlike traditional marketing, communication in this marketing strategy is more powerful and is totally relied on chats, emails, social media channels, apps and much more.

3)    These types of campaigns are really easy to set up as you should only aware about the usage of digital tools for this purpose.

4)    Digital marketing lets your brand reach not only the local but also the global audiences and that too with easy to use social media channels and other digital marketing tools.

5)    This marketing campaign effectiveness can be judged by its analytics.

Role of Digital Marketers

Professionals in the field of digital marketing have a crystal-clear picture as to how a campaign can bring a dramatic boost to a particular business. A professional can easily pick a particular marketing plan- small or big, according to the objectives and goals of a business.  For this purpose, they can use free as well as paid channels that support a business well.

Lots of professionals create a marketing campaign and work together to achieve a company’s goals with their proven digital marketing methods. The social media marketing professionals promote informative blog posts in their own effective way to churn out maximum benefit out of them. Email marketing professionals are always on the lookout to create the best email campaign to communicate with the customers thereby making them aware of the latest offerings, discounts, and offers made by the company.

Digital Marketing Channels Explained

As there are lots of channels through which digital marketing is done, now it is the time to have a glimpse at several digital marketing channels that are crucial for the promotion of a business: –

1)    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is an approach directly related to optimizing the design and structure of any content posted on your website. By applying SEO tactics, any content can be indexed by search engines in a proper way which results in the content getting higher ranking on the pages of Google. The target of all the website owners is to position their content on Google’s first page which is possible through the best SEO techniques.

2)    Email Marketing

Email marketing is a much advantageous strategy through which business can reach a wider audience across the globe. This direct marketing is easy on the pocket and promotes any product or service by using the emails. With the usage of email marketing, marketers can better track the enthusiasm of the customers towards the services and products of a company.

3)    Mobile App Marketing

With the advent of the digital era, it is indispensable for every business to have a mobile app. As the world is more connected to smartphones, mobile app marketing can help you reach more potential customers thereby boosting the ROI of your business. Every business should have a mobile presence today as it provides numerous gains in terms of sales or revenue of a company by snowballing customers’ engagement with the company.

4)    Content Marketing

Quality content has always been the boosting factor behind the success in online space. When a content piece is greatly written & presented, everybody would want to read and share it. A content marketing approach is really a vital step taken towards building a strong online presence. When a content marketing strategy is accomplished properly, it drives brand awareness, lead generation, traffic growth and above all- customers.

5)    Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is increasingly popular these days given the fact that it is far more efficacious than any other digital marketing tactics. Once you share a content through various social media channels, it finds its just value. The main target of using social media tools is to get connected to the people in a specific domain so that they show interest in a product or a service and turn into real customers. As social media tools have data analytics tools embedded into them, it is very easy to perceive the results of a social media marketing campaign.

6)    Pay-Per-Click (PPP)

Pay-Per-Click, which is a part of digital marketing, is an approach associated with the displaying of ads on Google search pages. To put it simply, this is a method to buy a visit to any site. The promotion of a site is in the form of an ad and the promoters need to pay a fixed price when someone clicks on their advertisements.

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