OBD Trackers: Monitor Your Car in a New Way

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Have you ever heard of OBD trackers?

Well, these are the most advanced tools for a vehicle!

You always hanker after getting a foolproof security for your personal vehicles or commercial vehicles as there are plenteous instances of vehicle thefts and the driver recklessness scenarios which can snatch your peace of mind straight away. Isn’t it? Well, now gone are those sleepless nights filled with security-related issues of your vehicle.

Thanks to OBD trackers which can rightly be said the state-of-the-art machines providing immediate solutions for all your vehicle security concerns. Yes! these first-rate vehicle security products are the best not only for the vehicle owners but also for the fleet management companies that have put in a heavy budget in operating their businesses.

Fleet management companies, to be more specific, has to deal with a myriad of problems on a daily basis such as monitoring their vehicle drivers, management of their fuel spent daily and to reduce their overhead costs.

But now all these problems come to a halt as OBD trackers have minimized all your security concerns to an appreciable level.

So, what exactly are the OBD trackers and their features? Well, read below to gain valuable insight on this product: –

1) Plug and Play Devices

You don’t need to land into any hassle while connecting OBD trackers to your vehicle. Using OBD trackers is a child’s play for you as they are the easy plug and play devices. As they are fitted with MTTQ and TLS components so they provide a cutting-edge security to the vehicle owners.

2) History Playback Feature

OBD trackers are embedded with a history playback feature which provides you a clear insight into the location history of your vehicle. All this information is stored on the GPS servers which can be amassed in the future.

3) Real-Time Location

By installing OBD trackers, one can get real-time location information which is of a high value for the fleet management companies who have been a victim of their vehicle drivers’ irresponsible behaviors. location information is measured on these devices with the help of mobile app tracking procedure or web-based tracking processes.

4) Correct Analysis of fuel as well as mileage consumption

One big concern devastating the peace of fleet management companies is the high consumption of fuel and mileage which is totally in the hands of their drivers. Drivers, being reckless, tend to roam with the vehicles for their own work and this is certainly not acceptable to the companies.

Now, this probability has dramatically come to a minimal level as OBD trackers provide an accurate analysis of mileage as well as fuel consumption which adds value to your business. You need not shell extra money out of your pocket and that will indeed pave way for the reduction in the overhead costs and the enhancement of your company’s growth.

A condition where vehicle demands more fuel due to over-speeding, idling and non-economic driving habits of the drivers is totally eliminated by OBD trackers.

5) Increase in Fuel Efficiency and Mileage

OBD Trackers help the vehicle owners and companies in increasing their fuel efficiency as well as a rise in their vehicle mileage which is actually a good sign for the company’s growth.

6) Alarm System

Alarm system embedded into OBD trackers are of high value when it comes to the security of a vehicle. There are many alarms to use in a vehicle such as vibration alarm, Geo-Fence alarm, over-speed alarm, displacement alarm etc.

7) Assessment of Vehicle Health

Finding faults with your vehicle has become much easier with the help of OBD trackers as they can really spot a fault with your vehicle and let you know beforehand. A fault code generation takes place whenever an issue comes up in any component of your vehicle such as cooling system, battery, ignition system and power unit etc. Not only this but also a vehicle breakdown or engine breakdown fault finding really cuts the vehicle’s maintenance expenditure.

8) Examining Driver’s Behavior

Drivers can always at loggerheads at using OBD trackers as these products watch their behavior closely. This, in turn, discourages the drivers to adopt any unsafe driving habit such as harsh braking, continuous idling while driving.

Fleet management company owners can find delight in monitoring their vehicles through OBD trackers. They can do so by using their smartphones.

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