10 Amazing Instagram Tips for All Bloggers

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If you are a blogger, then you must be in search of the best Instagram tips for bloggers to get a cutting edge over other bloggers!

Well, as Instagram is the next big thing for blog promotion, just everybody craves for getting maximum followers on their Instagram account.

Triggering strong social media marketing through Instagram is going to have a deep impact on your blog. This social media platform has taken the world by storm with its ever-increasing monthly user base.

It seems that the whole world is busy sharing their selfies, pizzas, travel moments on Instagram which is why registering an account here seems mandatory for bloggers.

If, in case, you don’t have any presence on Instagram, then make sure to take up this task in 2021.

However, having an Instagram account &promoting it are two different things. You can’t just open an account and see people following you. Instead, you have to ponder the best ways to promote your account so that more and more people will follow you and stick to your account.

Like Facebook, Instagram for bloggers has become the right platform to share your interests to others which will then prove much profitable for your revenue.

 You should be loyal from day one while managing your account so that you will end up being followed by countless people in your niche.

Sharing photos & videos regularly on Instagram is the key to getting a large number of followers.

Some Instagram Tips to Follow

1)  Choose an Interesting Username

You are on your brand marketing vehicle once you register an account with Instagram!

So, the first thing is to opt for a catchy yet professional username and add a good profile picture. The next thing is to add a catchy bio & a link to your blog.

2) Choose your Niche Carefully

Choosing your niche carefully will take you in the right direction. For example, if you are into blogging, you should stick to your niche only & leave other niches straightaway.

Suppose you write on travel then it’s the best to pick up a travel niche as that will benefit you the most in the long run. You will be followed by the people who are from travel niche and in this way, you will end up strengthening your audience base.

3) Start a Captivating Story

Great Instagram stories can take you places! Really! One of the best Instagram tips for bloggers is to start with an enticing story through your account.

You can use this feature to its optimum level according to your wisdom. You can also add a picture as pictures can hold the viewers’ attention for a longer time.

4) Use Hashtags Smartly

Believe it or not! If you are not using hashtags wisely, then you are surely missing out a smart brand promotion strategy. In general, a content piece having 11 or above hashtags, gets higher engagement.

So, you should make a thorough research on the type of hashtags that may be useful for your account. Once you get the research done, start using them on a regular basis while posting any content on your account.

5)  Follow, Tag & Engage with your Instafriends

If you seem to be lost on Instagram for other people you must start following and tagging top accounts as that can be of much value for you.Once you do that, you will certainly be noticed and people will feature you on their stories.

Apart from this, also start giveaways & competitions that may increase the possibility of getting noticed by other Instagrammers. This is one of the most effective Instagram tips for bloggers that may let your account noticed by other people who are on Instagram.

6) Using Instagram Slideshows

Instagram slideshow feature can be smartly utilized by the bloggers. With the help of slideshow, you can create a story with a right sequence of pictures that can say your voice effectively.

So, it’s up to you as to how you use it to increase your blog rankings.

7) Talk to Your Followers

People, in general, tend to watch videos more than pictures. So, you can start using Instagram stories to talk to your followers. You can have a personal chat through your story that will effectively instill trust in the minds of your followers towards you.

Some users can also add a link to their stories that can help your followers go through your articles.

8) Post Quality Content

Well, this is the real mantra! Whenever you have to post content, just make sure it’s relevant & usable! The long and short of it is that whatever you are posting, it should be of high quality so that your Instafriends will like it and want to share it with their friends.

Just start by posting the most qualitative content so that your account will boost within a short time. 

9) Don’t forget to share your behind the scenes moments

Another fruitful Instagram tips for bloggers is to use your behind the scenes activities as a launch-pad for your blog. When you share behind-the-scenes material on your account, your followers will take you as a genuine person and will start building trust in you.

Just think of sharing a picture of yourself writing a post or recording any video and you will create charm by doing this.

10) Share your future projects

People will always be interested in knowing as to what you are likely to do next weekend or next month.  So, make sure to open any special thing that you are likely to do in the next week or maybe the next month.

Tell them that you are going to do something interesting and cool. People, when informed about your future plans, will take you to be an open person and want to connect with you.

You can start with informing them about a chat, seminar or session on a particular topic that will help them stay connected to you.

All the above Instagram tips for bloggers will get you going in the right direction.

So, just be regular in trying out these tips and you will surely be rewarded after using them.

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