13 Important Things to Know Before Creating a New Blog

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So, you are a new blogger and in search of the best tips before creating a new blog on the web! Well, blogging is not going to pay you instantly but it is rather a tiring job that requires continuous attention and painstaking efforts from a blogger.

So, then the Blogging Superstar is a myth? No, actually not! But to earn your desired passive income and then to live life as per your wishes certainly demands episodes of struggle and frustration.

The temptation to get a successful blog is always there in the mind of a blogger. However, much patience is needed in the beginning as blogging is really a time-taking job. Some newbies hope to earn money within a few months but it is not that easy.

Amazing Tips to Know Before Creating a New Blog

Although there aren’t set patterns for creating a new blog, yet you can follow some tips prior to starting your blog which are as follows: –

1) Go for the Right Platform

One of the initial things to know before creating a new blog is to select the platform for your blog. You can choose a plethora of free platforms such as WordPress, blogger, or medium as per your requirements.
However, if you are serious about your blog and want to start your blog to make money then you should choose WordPress as your platform.
Unlike other free blogging platforms, WordPress allows you full control of your blog by providing you several features that you can use to manage as well as grow your blog.


2)    Stick to One Thing Only

No one can become a jack of all trades! You should choose one type of style and stick to it! So many bloggers try to incorporate a lot of things in their blogs such as podcasts, webinars, videos or anything cool and end up getting not so positive results out of that. They are of the view that only by applying all such things can make their blog successful. But it’s not true!

One should focus on his passion and keep doing it. That’s the only thing required if you want a strong presence of your blog on the internet.

3)    Think of Good Content Beforehand

Gaining exposure to your blog at its very start depends on the content you are posting on the blog. If it is extraordinary, then you will surely on the right path. Your content should easily capture your audience so that they will stick to your blog. A mediocre content is not going to get you more and more followers as it has a less captivating capability. So, thinking of unthinkable topics and content is much beneficial for your new blog.

4)    Knowledge of Blogging Strategies

A blogger should know beforehand as to what blogging style would fit his blog. He should be aware of the catchy titles so that they would work for the success of the blog. He can choose to write list related articles or “how to” articles to address your audience. There are other blogging styles and you should opt them out according to the niche of your blog. In short, you should be aware of your chosen blogging styles and also the effect they would create on your blog.

5)    Share Your Experience with Your Audience

You must be good at something! So, you need to share your years of experience in your field with your readers. If you are a software engineer turned full-time blogger, you can go ahead and share your software skills so that whoever reads your blog must be benefitted with them.

6)    Spend Some Money to Grow Your Blog

Do spend some money on anything that can grow your blog! If you need a mentor, try to hire him and know the basics of blogging before starting your blog so that you will achieve your goals early. Also, know about the Do’s and Don’ts of blogging so that you will only apply those tactics that will prove beneficial for you. You can also purchase some books on blogging in order to gear up your blog.

7)    Don’t Ever Try to Do Everything on Your Own

Some of the bloggers try doing everything in order to grow their blog. Along with writing the content, they try to make videos and do other kinds of activities for their blog. However, there is no need to do that. Do whatever you can do best. Being a blogger, writing might be your passion and this is the thing which you can do at its best. But you don’t need to create any videos or any graphical promotional images for your blog if you have the least experience of doing that. The simple reason to avoid it is that you will surely fail in these activities because of less experience and your blog would take more time to get a high rank.

8)  Don’t Quit your Job for Your Blog

If you are a job-goer and want to adopt blogging as your career, the first thing you need to understand is that you don’t need to quit your current job until you start getting a handsome amount from your blog. Once you are confirmed that the amount coming out of blogging is quite high as compared to your job, you can easily leave your job and focus only on the blog. If you have a family, then just keep doing your current job and also concentrate on your blogging career.

9)  Be Confident

Blogging takes time! If you are looking for a career in blogging, you should know that it’s a little bit hard to get success in blogging. So, you should be confident while operating your blog. You should never listen to others who are trying to discourage you. If you know that you have required knowledge and patience, you will surely become successful in blogging. Try to avoid meeting negative people so that you should only focus on applying new and successful blogging techniques that will take you higher in this field.

10)  Take it Easy

You shouldn’t be stressed while planning to start your blog. It is obvious that success won’t come to you straight away. So, you shouldn’t lose your patience during your blogging career and eventually, you will shine in this field.

11) Learn Basic HTML and SEO

Learning basic SEO and HTML will yield you more positive results. HTML knowledge will help you remove any kind of trivial technical issues related to your blog. On the other hand, knowing SEO techniques will help you identify your keywords and putting them in the right place in the blog.

12. Practice reading good content

One of the blogging tips before starting your blog is to read the content of other websites. It’s not like that you have decided to write quality content and that’s it! Well, not! First of you need to go through a different variety of content on your planned topic so that you can have a gist of what exactly you have to write on a particular topic. You need to understand why a particular content is highly searched and why not. Once you have a nice awareness of all this just start your blog and write quality content to stay on the top pages of search engines.

13. Find a good domain name for your blog

Choosing your domain name before starting your blog is one of the important things to keep in mind. You can choose .com extension or it can be related to your country. For example, if you are living in India and are targeting Indian audience, then you can choose .in domain name extension. Similarly, you can opt for any domain name based on your country. However, just ensure to find a domain name that is easy to remember and to put your blog related keywords as well as brand name in it.

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