Top Health Benefits of Buttermilk

Buttermilk, one of the healthiest drinks, is a boon in summers! Nobody can imagine the health benefits of buttermilk and its effect on our whole body.

We call buttermilk with different names such as chaach, chaas, and mattha. This drink is made from curd and water and is usually taken by mixing some spices in it such as asafoetida, jeera powder, and black salt.

Buttermilk is not only delicious but it also saves you from the sweltering heat in summers.

Let’s check some of the benefits of buttermilk that makes it a popular drink:

Benefits of Buttermilk

1.    Buttermilk helps in Cooling down your body

One of the health benefits of buttermilk is that it is considered the best drink to cool down your body’s temperature. It also benefits women that suffer from hot flushes during their menopause.

Men who suffer from high body temperature should drink buttermilk as it is very beneficial in cooling down your body.

Not only this, but this drink also provides you important minerals and vitamins that you lose due to the scorching heat. So, this drink is also good for the people who suffer from heatstroke in the summer season.

2.    Best food to Consume with Oily food

Consuming oily food in summers can bring you discomfort!

Yes! And buttermilk is the best food to be taken along with oily and heavy food.

Many healthy spices such as coriander, ginger & cumin powder are mixed in buttermilk that helps in washing down the fats and oils that are stuck inside your stomach and food pipe that can lead to ulcer & other problems related to your digestion.

The spices found in the buttermilk can help you eliminate your gastric problems.

3.    Helps in Digestion

Buttermilk is made from curd so it is enriched with probiotics. The probiotics found in the buttermilk enhance healthy gut in your body. Apart from that, the spices mixed in buttermilk can correct the digestion that causes burping thereby helping you soothing your digestive tract.

Buttermilk is also known as an effectual cooling agent that treats a number of your gastrointestinal disorders.

4.    A Powerhouse of Nutrients

One of the common benefits of buttermilk is that it provides nutrients for us. The protein and calcium present in it support our cell communication as well as muscle contraction. Calcium helps in preventing osteoporosis which is a bone disorder. In addition to the calcium, it is also enriched with vitamin B, vitamin A, potassium and vitamin D.

It has lactic acid that combats with harmful bacteria and pathogens that boosts our immune system.

5.    Effective in Lowering Blood Pressure & Cholesterol

If you consume buttermilk regularly, it can help you in lowering your blood pressure as well as your cholesterol levels. This drink is rich in bio-active protein that is beneficial in lowering cholesterol levels and lowering the blood pressure. It prevents cholesterol absorption by the intestines.

6.    Good for Skin

Buttermilk is laden with lactic acid & milk proteins and is useful in rejuvenating the dead cells of your skin. It also brightens your skin tone and provides your skin a smooth texture. If you are experiencing blemishes as well as discoloration, then applying buttermilk can lighten as well as exfoliate the colour of your skin.

Apart from that, buttermilk is loaded with amazing astringent properties that moisturize and nourishes your skin thereby making it tighter and firmer.

7. Effective in Acidity

One of the benefits of buttermilk is that it saves you from the acidity! The important condiments such as ginger and pepper makes it the best drink to use when you have acidity problem. Taking this drink prevents you from acid reflux from which many people suffer on a daily basis.

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