10 Famous New York Attractions you must Visit

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It is not possible to list famous places in New York City as many New York attractions attract tourists all over the world.


The unanimous capital of the world, New York, has been the epitome of modern cities for the past century.


London was the world’s crown jewel during the Industrial Revolution. New York represents the modern-day equivalent of it.


Walking through the streets of New York almost evokes a sense of relief amidst the obvious pandemonium. If you have lived in New York, you must have realized something very unique about the city: it has a soul of its own.


As a tourist, you will find New York in a state of constant flux. If the world moves at one speed, New York moves at a much faster rate. In essence, it represents the very pinnacle of modern civilization.


Besides being a financial powerhouse, New York also represents cultural and social symbols. These symbols define the values of modern-day society. Amongst the many attractions in ‘The Big Apple’, here are some sightseeing places in New York you must visit on your next vacation.


Famous New York Attractions


1. Statue of Liberty


The sigil of the free world, the Statue of Liberty is one of the main New York attractions which is widely popular among tourists.


This monument is the icon of the ideals upon which America was built on; liberty, equality, and democracy. Understanding the significance of this monument is pivotal to understanding America itself. The reason America stands head and shoulders above the rest of the world is not down to the wars they won and lost, but their unhinging persistence and loyalty towards their ideals.


The Statue of Liberty holds great significance amongst many immigrants living in New York as well. During WWII when Europeans were traveling to New York to avoid war, the first sight they witnessed from the ships they came on was the Statue of Liberty, manifesting the very essence of liberty and freedom.


2. Empire State Building


Like most tourists, you must have been awestruck by the New York skyline by watching some glimpses of the city on television or in movies. The Empire State Building is the epitome of this very skyline, standing taller than any other building in the city.


The precociousness which went into constructing the structure is only understood by knowing the fact that it took merely 11 months to erect the building. Standing at a colossal 1454 feet, the Empire State Building still manages to keep its charm and magnanimity after a period of 86 years.


3. Brooklyn Bridge


When opened in 1883, the Brooklyn Bridge was the world’s longest suspension bridge. An absolute joyous architectural feat, the bridge was constructed to establish a link across the East River to connect Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan. It is one of the greatest points of interest in New York City.


An attraction for thousands of tourists now, the Brooklyn Bridge gives a panoramic view of New York City with sights such as the Statue of Liberty and the Governor’s Island.


4. Central Park


Amongst the hustle and bustle of the city, Central Park is a green blanket of bliss surrounded by a city of steel and stone. A hotspot for tourists and locals alike, the park combines the scenic beauty of the wooded paths of the Ramble with the expanse of the Sheep Meadow.


The Park is a respite from the heat of the city during the summer and a place for fun and frolic during the winter with activities such as ice skating.


5. Times Square


New York’s Times Square welcomes you with the endless crowd amidst flashing lights which sets a spectacular scene for the visitors. Having retained its popularity for a long time, the place is a witness to great events that always put you in a delightful mood.


 6. 9/11 memorial and museum


The 9/11 memorial expresses its pain to every visitor who comes to visit it. The place where countless lives have been lost is always on the top list of every visitor no matter what corner of the earth he comes from. The edges of the twin pools of the memorial have each name inscribed on their edges who lost their lives on that dark day. The museum too has every reason to be visited as it tells the story of 9/11 in the best way using archives, monumental, and multimedia displays.


7. Metropolitan Museum of Art


The ones who crave for satiating anthropological curiosity will surely acclaim the Metropolitan Museum of art to a greater extent. From being a cultural center of the buzzing New York city to heaven for antique lovers, this place is just amazing. The surprising thing is that even if you spend your whole day here, you will feel that there is much left to see. Right from prehistoric artifacts to the amazing collection of weapons and musical instruments, the museum showcases something special for every visitor. If you are in New York, don’t miss this spectacular place!


8. Fifth Avenue


New York’s Fifth Avenue is heaven for shopaholics! Spread through a large area running from central park to the public library, this place is always flocked by shop lovers. Many flagship stores mark their presence on Fifth Avenue such as Tiffany, Cartier, Versace, and Bergdorf-Goodman. This shopping street is amongst the priciest shopping streets in the world that greets you with the best in shopping. Not only shop lovers but many museum lovers can be found roaming in the area as there are many museums around that showcase the best exhibits one can ever imagine.


9. One-World Observatory


One-World Observatory is also one of the unique attractions to watch out for when you are in New York. It provides a different experience altogether for the visitors. Positioned on the 3 floors of the iconic One World Trade Center, it offers you a bird’s eye view of the city gleaming with surrounding waters and spectacular skyline.


The observation deck fills everyone’s mind with thrill and incredulity as it let the visitors view the iconic sights of the city. The tower seems to be pyramid-like when viewed from its base.


10. New York Public Library


If you are a book junkie New York Public Library would mean the world to you! Not only the library lets you enjoy Romance novels and American literature, but it also has a dedicated section for children. Moreover, its exquisite architecture would really put you into reading mode. It also holds a map section which is simply stunning with an extensive collection of atlases, maps, and cartography books.


You might often hear someone saying, ‘New York has everything’.


In truth, no city has everything. But, New York is one of the few cities which makes the effort to reach that level.


Who knows? Maybe one day it will have everything.


New York’s Climate


Visitors can face unexpected climates when they are in New York. The city’s weather keeps changing within a couple of hours. So, it’s best to put climate into consideration before packing your bags.




Summer months are humid during the day as well as at the night. The uncomfortable humidity of New York makes you suffocate while roaming in the city. So, pack your bags with half sleeve shirts to avoid the heat.




Winter months in New York are usually cold and the minimum temperature dips to the freezing level. Less daylight and rain dissuade the sightseers to visit the city. Moreover, the cool winds make the whole atmosphere chiller.


Best time to Visit New York


Owing to unpredictable weather in New York, visitors keep wondering about the perfect time to visit this city. Well, April to June months and August to October months are taken to be the appropriate time to explore New York as the weather is quite favorable and the tourists can enjoy going outdoors.

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