Celebrate Christmas in Goa this Year and Get Enthralled

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Almost any event or festival sounds better when you add ‘Goa’ to it. The biggest tourist destination in India (Sorry Taj Mahal!), Goa is the destination every fun-loving Indian is enamored with. From sunny beaches to towering churches and intertwining rivers, Goa is a sumptuous vacation destination capable of lifting even the dullest of spirits. As Christmas approaches, you might again have a few days of paid holidays heading your way. If celebrating Christmas in Goa is your desire, you might be making one of the best decisions of your life.

So, what does a Christmas in Goa entail? Here is a list of a few things you can do on your visit this Christmas.

1. Make it to the midnight mass

For the ones who have never attended a midnight Christmas mass in their lives, consider a trip down to any of the churches in Goa. The congregation almost feels like an organized spectacle every year. Say a prayer, make a wish and revel in the spirit of Christmas. Amidst all the carols and hymns, you will surely celebrate the best Christmas of all time. For a midnight mass, you need to grab a seat before 10 pm which is the starting time of this celebration.

2. Fireworks on the beach

On both Christmas and New Year’s Eve, make sure to visit the beach to be treated to an exquisite firework show. Inspired by the fireworks organized in major cities across the world every year, Goa has its own fireworks show visible on plain view from the sandy shores of the Malabar Coast. You can join the party at Anjuna Beach until dawn and experience the festive vibes around. Watching fireworks here is such a treat to the eyes that you will remember your Goa visit throughout your life. Moreover, the crazy crowd adds a different hue to the celebration.

3. Burn the old man

Your Christmas in Goa is going to be grand if you do manage to reach here before New Year’s Eve. Just remember to participate in the Goan tradition of burning an old man effigy on New Year’s Eve. The effigy- made from hay and old clothes is burnt by the local men in the name of tradition. The significance of the tradition is apparent, as Goans burn the troubles of the year past to welcome the joy of the new year. During this occasion, people like to drink Feni- a traditional drink of Goa.

4. Have a hearty Christmas Dinner

Christmas isn’t Christmas without a hearty dinner to top it off. Indulge your appetite at a restaurant or a beach shack, whichever floats your boat. With an array of sumptuous delicacies on offer, remember to spoil yourself while celebrating Christmas in Goa.

5. Leave your worries at home

There is enough hassle being bandied about every year. Christmas to New Year, the last week of the year is the right time to let your hair down and go with the flow. With the Sunburn music festival taking place just prior to New Year’s Eve as well, this is the perfect time to give yourself the vacation you’ve desired for a long time.

6. Mandori River Cruise

Another great way to celebrate Christmas in Goa is by taking a Mandori river cruise which lets you experience a magical Christmas. You can also organize a private boat party if you like to enjoy whole-heartedly with your friends. Christmas evening spent at Goa is pure magic. If you don’t believe, then visit this place straight away.

7. Christmas Crib-making Competition

In Goa, Christmas crib competition takes place that characterizes many things related to Jesus. There is a depiction of Jesus’s village which is the center of attraction. Not only crib competition, but people also take part in the star-making competition which is held on a very large scale. During the Christmas festival, many similar competitions are held where people participate with great zeal & enthusiasm.

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8. Join Christmas Eve Dance

Goa’s nightlife attracts the tourists straightaway! On the eve of Christmas day, party lovers are full of enthusiasm and celebrate the festival in a grand manner. They set fire on the dance floor with their dance moves. Amidst the sparkling decorations and exciting vibes, revelers enjoy to their utmost. If you are planning for a grand Christmas in Goa, do not forget to join dance parties at this festival as that is a must-attend session for everyone. Just show your own dance moves to the tunes of local bands and you will have a blast out there.

9. Enjoy Homemade Chocolates in Goa

Chocolate cakes are extremely popular in Goa. Goa’s homemade chocolates are extremely delectable so they are consumed by everyone on special occasions. Christmas is an apt occasion to taste these lip-smacking chocolates. Another dish to offer in Christmas here is Colored Marzipan. Moreover, you can taste other sundry Goan dishes such as Dodol, Bebinca, and Neureos which are a must try for every foodie.

Goa is a place which envisages the very essence of natural beauty. The infrastructure and economy of the state are built around the tourism industry. Besides the picturesque beaches and the stunning churches, Goa is one of the few destinations in India which truly mirrors the old Indian saying, ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’.

So, there you have it, five must-do activities in Goa on your vacation this Christmas. Last but not the least to mention, do visit the lovely sunny beaches when you find the time.

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