Eight Amazing Places to Visit in London this Year

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The crux of modern western civilization, London is a boiling point of different cultures, interests, traditions, and philosophies. Besides its historical significance, London acts as crossroads between the western and eastern part of the world. Littered with picturesque locations and sights, it is amongst the world’s most visited cities and serves as a top tourist attraction.

With numerous attractions on offer, priorities can sometimes get muddled during vacations. Here are eight destinations to visit in London with your friends and family.

1)   Buckingham Palace

The seat of the monarch of Britain, Buckingham Palace was once the seat of ultimate power and prestige in England. Presided by present Queen Elizabeth II, the Buckingham Palace of London is open for tourists to visit around the year. Although some sections of the palace remain restricted from public access, the experience of walking on the very grounds upon which great historical figures once stood is nothing short of surreal (prescribed especially for historical and cultural fanatics!)

2)   Warner Bros Studio Tour

Move away from historical setting for a while and immerse yourself in the tour of a lifetime! Warner Bros Studios organize tours for a sneak peek behind the scenes. You can relive moments from blockbusters like Harry Potter. From complete access to first-hand costume and props to visiting famous sets from movies, the tour is a fascinating backstage visit of some of the cinema’s greatest masterpieces.

3)   London Eye

Among-st the most popular destinations to visit in London, the London Eye offers a panoramic view of the entire landscape of the city. Over 25 life-size capsules rotating about a pivot provide some of the unique sights of one of the greatest cities of the world.

4)   Madame Tussauds

Life-size replicas of some of the world’s most influential and famed people: a simple concept taken to another level. Madame Tussauds houses some of the world’s most authentic and lifelike wax replicas of popular people around the world. Right from Usain Bolt and Lady Gaga to William Shakespeare and her Majesty herself, the museum almost imbibes the aura of these personalities being present in reality.

5)   Tower of London

Built as a military fortress nearly 1000 years ago, the Tower of London occupies as much historical significance as it currently holds today. Besides housing the crown jewels which remain a major attraction to this day, the Tower of London represents the very fabric of British and consequently World History. The reminiscence of times which remain etched in books and journals come alive upon witnessing the silent beauty of the site

6)   The View from the Shard

If the London eye seems fascinating, the View from the Shard will knock your socks off!

Rising unblemished atop the city , The Shard offers a 64-km long view of everything London holds. From the London Eye and St. Paul’s Cathedral to the iconic Wembley Stadium itself, the sheer magnanimity of the expanse is nothing short of scintillating. Unsurprisingly, the Shard is also Western Europe’s tallest building.

7)   London Dungeon

Atop the plethora of fun escapades in the city, the London Dungeon is a heady mix of thrilling experiences derived from horror stories from the past of the city. Tales of local legends, torturers, and murderers come to life in the dungeon. The dark past of the city is brought to life as nervy surprises await tourists taking a gander around.

8)   Big Ben

Officially known as the Elizabeth Tower, the Big Ben of London is its very own clock tower and for many decades it has remained a defining image of the city itself. Unlike other attractions on this list, the Big Ben cannot be viewed on the inside. However certain special appointments can be made in advance by British citizens at the behest of their respective Member of Parliament.


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