12 Beautiful Places to Visit in Europe

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Have you ever checked the list of the top places to visit in Europe before paying a visit here? If not, then you are missing out a bunch of beautiful countries that are calling you with their divine beauty and crystal clear environment.

Europe not only embodies amazing churches & castles, but it is also a center for a myriad of attractions every tourist would be amazed to see.

With all the reasons to be added to your bucket list, traveling to Europe is indeed going to be a memorable thing for you especially if you are going here for the first time in your life. Everything seems to be a funny and adventurous affair while you set out for a memorable visit to Europe.

Although it is impossible to visit all European countries in a single visit, yet the following list will certainly help you plan your visit to Europe.

Places to Visit in Europe

1) France

France is indubitably one of the most unique places to visit in Europe where everyone wishes to go. Paris, widely known as a metropolitan city of France lures tourists from every corner of the world. You will find many small towns around the country which can delight you as they are undoubtedly the best places to see in France. If you love seeing antique things, then just visit one of the many museums in the country.

2) Germany

Visiting Germany will provide you many reasons to get delighted. Synonymous with medieval towns, beautiful rivers, and fairytale castles, Germany is one of the most vibrant cities on earth. You won’t run short of scenic places while roaming in this country as it proffers endless worth-seeing places to the visitors such as Neuschwanstein Castle of King Ludwig, the cathedral of Cologne, Berlin’s memorial church and the Old Town of Nuremberg.

3) Switzerland

Switzerland’s most beautiful places can take your breath away! Really! Being the center of winter sports, it offers a slew of winter activities to the adventurous folks such as hiking, sledding, skiing and snowshoeing. However, if you don’t feel like being active as well as adventurous, just catch a cable car and immerse in the beauty of Switzerland. You will find snow-covered Alps all over the path in the country which is too scenic that will make your eyes seemingly popping out of the head. Almost all the major cities of this country are lively and cosmopolitan and are connected with the best means of transport.

4) Netherlands

Thinking about the Netherlands might present an image of Amsterdam with coffee shops as well as red lights, but it is really much more than that. Brimmed with cobblestone lane as well as brick filled cities, fantastic beaches and large farmland, this country will never disappoint you in any way. Spending your quality time here in this country will provide you many joyous moments that you wish to share when you are back home in your country. Some of the breathtaking places to visit in the Netherlands are Rotterdam, Groningen, Utrecht, The Hague, Maastricht and many more.

5) Italy

Italy has been portrayed beautifully by many poets and writers. Right from the spellbinding architecture of its churches to the mouth-watering taste of Italian cuisines, Italy offers you a strong reason to be immersed in itself. The country calls you for its best fashion shopping at its fantastic art festival. When in Italy, just pay a visit to Rome and you will fall in love with the historic monuments of this city. Other places to visit in Italy are Venice which is specifically known for its beautiful gondolas and canals and Florence for its magnificent art and architecture.

6) Austria

Austria is full of scenic beauty and a great attraction for numerous visitors across the world. Located in the Alps, this country is undoubtedly the best place for hikers and skiers. Europe travel is incomplete without visiting Austria as the country boasts of myriad wonderful museums and stunning architecture. Some of the best places to visit in Austria are Vienna, Salzkammergut, Zell Am See, Innsbruck and many more.

7) United Kingdom

Travelers might find a heap of reasons to visit the UK as this is a really a diversified country and can be one of the best places to visit in Europe for tourists throughout the year. Divided into several beautiful cities as well as towns, this one is the topmost priority of the Europe travelers. There are myriad places to visit in the UK which you will always cherish in your lifetime. Visiting this country is highly invigorating and a single visit is not sufficient to behold its beauty.

8) Belgium

Heading to Belgium is a judicious decision on the part of the Globetrotters as they won’t regret visiting this country at all. Being one of the amazing countries to visit in Europe, Belgium is both historic and modern. Right from myriad castles as well as state-of-the-art museums, there is much more for you to see in this country. So, why wait! Just pack your bags and experience the best places to visit in Belgium with your family.

9) Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a beautiful country to explore and there isn’t a doubt about it. With the modern areas of the country having a striking contrast with many historical cities, this country is well recognized for its medicinal spas. One of the most enchanting places to visit in the Czech Republic is Prague which is widely acclaimed for its beauty and also being the center for music as well as art.

10) Bulgaria

Bulgaria greets you with its breathtaking beaches, historic towns, and beautiful mountain ranges. Also, this country offers you an opportunity to see great nightlife while you are here. Bulgaria is, in fact, a land of adventure for the adventure lovers. Here, everyone is ready to help you out on your way. Some of the unique places to visit in Bulgaria are its black sea beaches, religious arts as well as churches.

11) Spain

Spain could be your ideal destination if you love exploring beautiful sandy beaches, a thriving culture, and the best nightlife scenes. It is an excellent livable city having the best futuristic buildings, excellent museums and buzzy dining scenes. Experience soul-stirring music here and immerse in the beauty of this country.

12) Sweden

Sweden has a pool of attractions for tourists who come here to explore it. Right from rocky islands, virgin forest, cozy cottages, and Viking lore, Sweden has all that which takes it to be called as one of the amazing places to visit in Europe for the globetrotters. The decoration of public spaces, cafes, houses, and cottages can inspire everybody as they are managed in a perfect manner.

To rate one single country from the above-listed most beautiful places to visit in Europe is very difficult for every tourist. The reason is that every country is enriched with so much enigmatic beauty and cultural heritage that nobody can rank a single country high over the other.

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