12 Wonderful Places to Visit in Kozhikode

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Kozhikode or Calicut is called as the largest city of Kerala. It was the capital of Zamorin dynasty long time ago and was the main trading town at that time. Today, this city has turned into one of the best tourist destinations owing to its breath-taking worth-seeing places and a number of other attractions. Many people search for the best places to visit in Kozhikode. If you too are among those, , then the following places in Kozhikode will be of great interest to you: –

Must-Visit Places to Visit in  Kozhikode

Following is the list of one of the famous places to visit in Kozhikode for the travelers: –

1. Backwaters

Located at the Malabar coast, Kozhikode is best known for its backwaters. Known as one of the beautiful places to visit in Kozhikode, beaches of the backwaters also lure more visitors due to their beauty. Once you are here you can enjoy yourself dining on the best seafood. Backwaters are also immensely famous due to Vasco De Gama being landed here in the year 1948. He was known to be the first European to do so. If you are here, try to grab a houseboat cruise as by doing so, you will be able to experience the enchanting views of this place. You will surely get a lifetime experience while sailing along the Kallai and Canoli river.

2. Kozhippara Falls

Kozhippara Falls rest on the borders of Kakkadampoyil on the division of Malappuram-Calicut district. These falls offer a stunning sight to the visitors and are widely known for their friendliness to trekkers and swimmers. These falls are one of the most enchanting places to visit in Kozhikode as they are uniquely beautiful. This place is also one of the best places in Kerala for the purposes of swimming and trekking. Adventure lovers will find this place to be a spectacular destination. This beautiful place is surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes & dense forests. A lot of tourists come to this place to experience the ideal jungle setting in this area.

3. Thusharagiri Waterfall

Thusharagiri Waterfall is in Kozhikode district and cascades down as 3 waterfalls. Situated in a tribal village, the falls is popularly known as snow-covered mountains. Ebullient streams, lush woods, and boisterous waterfalls make it one of the remarkable attractions of Kozhikode to be enjoyed by the visitors. Visitors feel fresh while visiting this place. The place also offers a path that can be used to trek this waterfall. t

4. Thikkoti Lighthouse

Thikkoti Lighthouse is another one of the best places to visit in Kozhikode. Situated on the rocky shoreline, this place is much popular among the tourists because of its scenic views and also due to the existence of numerous species of wandering birds. People say that this lighthouse is built on the debris of shipwreck. If you are hoping to spend a beautiful quiet day in the company of sea, then Thikkoti Lighthouse will be much apt for you.

5. Sweet Street

Sweet Street is a well-known shopping center of Kozhikode. A number of tourists come to visit this busy shopping hub. Known as SM Street. Known as one of the most popular places to visit in Kozhikode, this place offers a number of genuine Kerala items as well as spices to the visitors.

6. Kakkayam

Situated in Kozhikode, Kakkayam is known to be a dam site which is 15 km away from the bus stop of Kakkayam. There is a waterfall situated near the dam named Orakkuzhi. Using cameras are restricted in the dam area. This is really one of the most beautiful places to visit in Kozhikode which provides a beautiful environment to the visitors along with a number of recreational activities.

7. Beypore Beach

Beypore is a village located at Chaliyar River. Beypore beach is one of the worth seeing attractions of Kozhikode which is situated 10 kilometers from Kozhikode. This beach is much popular for its 1500 years old shipbuilding yard. Tourists really like shipbuilding yard due to its art. During the trading times of Chinese, Arabs, and Europeans, this place was one of the most prominent fishing harbors.

8. Lion Park

Lion Park is also one of the best places to visit in Kozhikode that will suit your requirements. Along with enjoying fun-filled rides as well as spending an amazing vacation in the best surroundings, you will also love to see the nice view of sunset. It provides a number of opportunities for the visitors for enjoying amazing rides which are offered for parents as well as children. This place offers the view of a calm shoreline which is loved by the tourists. This park is created keeping in view the children needs. So, it offers a lot of food corners, swimming pool and thrilling rides.

9. Elathur

Elathur is a strange village with beautiful surroundings. If you are a seafood lover, then this is paradise for you as you can taste the best seafood here such as toddy and fresh-water fishes which would provide you immense enjoyment. This place is surrounded by a river on one side and lake on the other side.

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10. Mananchira Square

Mananchira is a freshwater pond which was built in the 14th century and it is surrounded by Mananchira Square which is one of the wonderful places to visit in Kozhikode and is popular for its amazing landscaped lawns, open theatre as well as musical fountains. Tourists come to this place for spending their evening amidst its fantastic beauty. Mananchira Square came into being in the year 1994. The whole atmosphere takes you back into the era of kings, kingdoms, and palaces. The park around this place is adorned with varied forms of trees, shrubs, and palms.

11. Canoli Canal

Canoli Canal, which is also referred as Elathur Kallai Canal was constructed in 1848 under the orders of H.V. Conolly, the then collector of Malabar. This canal is the west coast part of Kerela and it remained as a very busy commerce port till 1950. Visitors to this place can enjoy boat ride here which is a pure fun.

12. Peruvannamuzhi Dam

Peruvannamuzhi Dam, located at 60 kilometers off Kozhikode, is also one of the enchanting places to visit in Kozhikode. This place is surrounded by beautiful greenery. The reservoir at this place provides rowboat and speedboat ride to the visitors who come here. Moreover, there is also a bird sanctuary and crocodile farm which is next to this dam. This is one of the most loved attractions of Kozhikode and you would love visiting it.

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