The Most Fascinating Places to Visit in Mumbai in 2022

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Introduction to Mumbai


There is no dearth of unique places to visit in Mumbai whether you are visiting this city alone or with family. Like Delhi, this dream city is home to a large population and it is unique in a different way.


From crowded railway platforms to the much-talked-about dabbawallahs, rich people to slum-dwellers, from glittering Bollywood to famous food such as bhelpuri, vada pav, and Sev puri, this place has just everything that makes it different from other places of the country.


Known as the commercial capital of India, Mumbai is visited by several tourists from all over the world every year. If you haven’t been to Mumbai before and visiting Mumbai is on your “To do” list, then the following beautiful places to visit in Mumbai will enthrall you:-


Best places to visit in Mumbai

A Mumbai tourist has numerous worth-seeing attractions in the city. Many famous spots in Mumbai attract tourists due to their uniqueness and beauty. The below-mentioned Mumbai tourist places list can be the best Mumbai tourist guide one can decide on visiting once he is here. Let’s know about the best tourist attractions in Mumbai in detail:-


Best Places to Visit in Mumbai with Family


The most memorable time of your life is the time which you spend with your near and dear ones- especially with your family!


And traveling with your family is the best thing to consider if you are looking for visiting big cities like Mumbai. You should choose numerous places to visit around Mumbai and also the places to visit outside Mumbai if you want to explore your Mumbai sightseeing trip in the best way. There are diverse attractions in Mumbai that will spellbind you and your kids.


Here is a small list of the best places to visit in Mumbai for first-time travelers to Mumbai who visit the city with their family:-


Gateway of India


Standing tall in front of the Taj Hotel, Gateway of India is a monument that was built in the year 1924 to honor the arrival of Queen Mary and King George V to Mumbai.


Visiting this place in the morning or late in the evening is refreshing for everyone as the cool breeze flows and the Arabian sea makes the whole scene simply magical.


This iconic monument is among the top places to visit in Mumbai as it offers a stupendous view which every tourist must experience when he is here. Other unique attractions surrounding it are also worth visiting which you can enjoy free of charge.


Elephanta Caves


Elephanta caves are one of the unique places to visit in Mumbai and are a UNESCO world heritage site. Once you are here, you will be awestruck to see the large ancient rock-cut caves that were built several centuries back. 5 of these caves are dedicated to Shiva, who is a Hindu God, and 2 caves which remind us about Buddhist architecture.



To get to this place, all you need is to catch a ferry from Gateway of India. During the 1-hour ferry ride, you will surely enjoy Mumbai’s scenic beauty. If you love adventure, you can also take a toy train ride that will take you on a tour of caves.


Haji Ali Dargah


When you are in Mumbai, planning a trip to Haji Ali Dargah is the best decision to make!


Haji Ali Dargah is a famous shrine that is enlisted in the best places to visit in Mumbai. The most surprising thing about it is that it stands just in the mid of the Arabian Sea. This Dargah has the tomb of Haji Ali Shah Bukhari and is made with the help of white marbles that indicates the Indo-Islamic architecture of that time.


Red Carpet Wax Museum


Do you want to strike a pose with Michael Jackson, Barack Obama, or Harry Potter?


Well, then you must visit Red Carpet Wax Museum located in Ghatkopar, Mumbai!


This wax museum is one of the amazing places to visit in Mumbai as you can find different prominent figure statues here from all walks of life such as sports, science, politics & cinema. Once you are here, you can’t stop yourself from taking selfies with your most favorite celebrity. Not only the adults but children too are in love with this place.


Siddhivinayak Temple


Siddhivinayak Temple is one of the most frequented places to visit in Mumbai when you are with your family. The most popular personalities of sports, as well as Bollywood, visit this temple off and on to get the blessings of Ganpati.


Here the idol of Ganesha is made out of black stone. If you are looking for a spiritual experience, the Siddhivinayak temple is the right place for you and your family.


Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus

Chatrapathi Shivaji Terminus is yet another place to see when you are in Mumbai. This structure is an emblem of Victorian-Gothic architecture and is one of the worth-seeing places to visit in Mumbai for everyone.


Constructed in the year 1888, CST is the perfect place if you are with your family. Take as many snaps as you can and dine on the lip-smacking food found here.


Best Places to Visit in Mumbai for Couples

Marine Drive

Your visit to Mumbai will be meaningless if you don’t pay a visit to Marine drive!


This is one of the most preferred places to visit in Mumbai where you can have some peaceful moments with your beloved ones. The amazing view of the setting sun offers a great sight to the visitors. People also call it “Queen’s Necklace” as the street lights lend the road an illusion of string-of-pearls and a necklace.


Most people like to visit Marine Drive at night as it looks more stunning at night than in the daytime.


If you are a couple then just walk along the beautiful walkway and create precious moments together for a lifetime.


Hanging Gardens

The list of most worth-seeing beautiful places to visit in Mumbai is not complete without the mention of Hanging Garden. With a history dated back to 138 years, this terrace garden is the best place for Mumbaikars to have a respite from the hustle and bustle of the city.


This park offers stunning views of the sun seemingly setting down into the Arabian Sea. Also, you can click funny snaps with a giant shoe structure erected here. Travelers feel satiated after coming to this place as Hanging Gardens offers them a perfect evening hangout.


Worli Seaface


Worli Seaface is quite popular for couples and is one of the most favorite hangout places to visit in Mumbai for them. Walking at night hours here will let you have a spectacular sight of the sea.


Couples can also sit along the sealine and feel a romantic atmosphere here while sea water splashes across your face. The evenings of Worli Seaface are truly memorable and enchanting.


Juhu Beach


Juhu beach is one of the most spectacular places to visit in Mumbai as it lets you have amazing unforgettable romantic moments with your lover. A place popular among couples, Juhu beach is full of couples who seek peaceful moments away from the hustle-bustle of the city. Couples can also plan a great romantic date at the amazing beachside restaurants located here.


Best Places to Visit in Mumbai with Friends

Shivaji Park


Shivaji Park is one of the wonderful places to visit in Mumbai when you are with your friends. This place never rests as many cultural and political events keep going on here. Shivaji Park is full of people on weekends making it difficult for the visitors to find a bench to sit on. This park is one of the best places to visit in Mumbai with friends.


Colaba Causeway

If you are a girl and are looking for an interesting place to hang out and shop with your girl gang, then Colaba Causeway can be the right place for you. Considered one of the iconic markets in India, the place has everything for you to shop right from beautiful bags to junk jewelry, accessories, and clothes, etc. The whole experience of being here will tempt you to come here again and again. The place is not only visited by the local people, but also by the travelers who are looking for a bargain on their favorite items. It is indeed the best place to hang out in Mumbai as you can walk freely in the market as long as you can.


Bay View Café


You won’t regret visiting Bay View Café as this place serves delectable Parsi and international dishes that are really tempting and satiate your taste buds. This is one of the incredible places to hang out in Mumbai with your friends especially when all of you are foodaholics. Right from having breakfast while watching the early morning sun or enjoying a late dinner at Bay View Café will fill you with joy and love for this place. Apart from that, the stunning view of the Sea can be a perfect setting for spending a memorable time with your friends. Although there are many wonderful places to eat in Mumbai, yet the time spent at Bay View Café would be a lifetime experience for you and your friends.


Essel World


Essel World is amongst the most popular places to roam in Mumbai. Liked by kids and adults both, this place provides immense fun and enjoyment to all. Specially designed rides for kids, as well as adults, fill you with immense enjoyment and thrill whether you come here with your family or friends. Rides such as Zyclone, Enterprise, and Shot –N-Drop will provide you an adrenaline rush you have never experienced before. Mumbai has a moderate climate, so whether you plan to make a list of the places to visit in a hangout in Mumbai in winters or summers, this place must be on the top of that list.


Best Places to Visit in Mumbai with Kids


Nehru Center


Nehru Center is one place that is meant for kids. The beautiful dome-shaped planetarium arouses curiosity among the children about science and astronomy. Your kids will love stargazing in the sky theatre of Nehru Center.


Other wonderful attractions of Nehru Center are a miniature galaxy, Earth’s view from the moon, library, art gallery, etc. which will charge your kids up with intuitiveness & energy. Nehru Center spreads its teachings through cultural and educational programs.


Sanjay Gandhi National Park


This park is also among the most favorite places to visit in Mumbai and offers several fun activities for an individual or family. Spread on a vast area of approx. 104 sq. km, this can be the best place for you to enjoy. Visitors can watch big cats in the park or have fun taking a ride to the boat in the park’s artificial lake. Another thing to see is Gandhi Tekdi, which is built in the remembrance of Mahatma Gandhi. In addition to this, there is a toy train called Van Rani which all the kids will love to see.


Taraporewala Aquarium

This Aquarium is the oldest Aquarium in India and has innumerable freshwater as well as marine fishes like coral fishes. Besides, it has an Oceanarium too that lets you feel that you are walking below the sea with all the fishes floating above your head. This can be an interesting place to see for the kids as they can enjoy a lot here. They can also touch several aquatic animals and fishes in the touch pool with no harm.




Of all the amazing places to visit in Mumbai, Kidzania is one place that is purely dedicated to kids.


The whole atmosphere is designed keeping in view the requirements of the kids. With a concept of role-playing, Kidzania is a must-see place to visit with kids who will certainly enjoy this amusement park. Your kids will surely love this place and you too will be brimmed with joy on seeing them enjoying themselves here. While your kids play, you can take a rest at the lounge and monitor your kids through a TV screen. Full of many interactive and entertainment activities, the Kidzania is an ideal place for your kids.


Veermata Jijabai Bhosale Zoo


A visit to the zoo is always fun not only for kids but for adults! Kids would love to be here as it is one of the entertaining places to visit in Mumbai with its large variety of wild animals such as crocodiles, monkeys, elephants, tigers, and lions. Spread to a large area of 48 acres, the most unique attraction here is the penguin enclosure that attracts all.


Places to visit Mumbai in Summers


The summer season in Mumbai is extremely painful for tourists due to the high humidity levels. Not only the tourists but Mumbaikars too are stressed due to the burning heat in this season. At this time, the only respite for the people is to stay inside their homes with their air-conditioned on. There are a variety of places to visit near Mumbai which the tourists and the Mumbaikars can visit when they want to run away from the scorching heat of Mumbai.




Lonavala is one of the most visited hill stations near Mumbai and is an apt place be during the rainy season. Located in the Sahayadri range, it is considered a popular place for trekking, camping, and other kinds of adventure sports. Lonavala is one of the most visited places in Mumbai which is surrounded by waterfalls, lakes, and dense forests. If you are a nature lover, then Lonavala is the best-suited place for you where you can admire the beautiful nature. Some of the famous places in Lonavala are Karla Caves, Ryewood Lake, Bushi Dam, Rajmachi Fort, etc.




Many of you have heard the word “Khandala” in a famous Bollywood song “Aati Kya Khandala”. It is one of the best outing places in Mumbai or near Mumbai which is full of scenic waterfalls, beautiful valleys, serene lakes, and grassy hills. The beauty of Khandala is in full bloom in the monsoon season. Khandala is a famous hiking spot for adventure lovers. The place is highly popular for rock climbing with its two popular tourist spots- Karla Hills and Duke’s Nose Peak.


Malshej Ghat


If you are in Mumbai, then you must consider paying a visit to Malshej Ghat! This place can be an ideal retreat from the noise of the city. Malshej Ghat is one of the most beautiful places to visit around Mumbai as tourists can visit numerous beautiful lakes, mountains, waterfalls, and different types of flora and fauna.


Malshej Ghat is immensely popular among nature lovers, trekkers, and hikers. One of the best sights of this Malshej Ghat is the Pink Flamingoes that migrate to this place during the months of July and September.




Bhandardara, located in the Sahayadri range of Maharashtra, is a blessed place with beautiful waterfalls and lush greenery. It is approx. 117 km. away from Mumbai and can be easily accessed via roadways. It is among the perfect weekend getaways near Mumbai for every kind of tourist. This beautiful village is gifted with nature which makes it one of the top tourist places near Mumbai.




Kamshet is amongst the best holiday destinations near Mumbai which you and your family can consider visiting when you visit Mumbai. It is also one of the most picturesque hill stations near Mumbai which is worth visiting. If you are on a solo trip near Mumbai, then also this place would be well suited to you. Situated in Pune, Kamshet is considered a paradise for the avid paragliders. This place is always on the top in the tourists’ list of top 10 places to visit in Mumbai.  Kamshet is not only an apt place for adventure junkies, but for a normal tourist as there are small villages with fresh air and natural greenery. Some of the worth-seeing attractions in Kamshet are Pavana Lake, Bhedsa Caves, Bhairi Caves, Shinde Wadi Hills, and Khondeshwar Temple, etc.


Places to Visit Mumbai in Winters




Enclosed by the five beautiful hills, Panchgani is one of the exquisite places to visit in Mumbai in winters. Located at a height of approx 1334 meters from sea level, this hill station is known for serene valleys, dense forests, cascading waterfalls, and towering mountains. Once being a summer retreat for British officials, Panchgani has now become one of the most popular tourist places near Mumbai for the people who are in pursuit of nature, adventure, and romance. Some of the enthralling tourist attractions of Panchgani are Table Land, Sydney Point, and Ranjpuri Caves, etc.




Mahabaleshwar is one of the popular Mumbai tourist places that will enthrall you with its picturesque beauty. Well known for its majestic peaks, numerous rivers, and wonderful cascades, this place can be one of the best places to visit near Mumbai for tourists.


Mahabaleshwar is a well-known hill station that is visited by a flood of visitors every year. With so many tourist attractions, this place must be on your Mumbai sightseeing tour list. A few worth-seeing places to visit in Mahabaleshwar are Venna Lake, Lodwick Point, Sunset Point, Connaught Peak, Babington Point, Lord Mahabaleshwar Temple, etc.




Ganapatipule is considered one of the beautiful weekend getaways near Mumbai. This place is highly advisable to visit for the ones who are looking for visiting unexplored places near Mumbai. Apart from the beautiful places to visit in Mumbai, there are many places to visit near Mumbai for the weekend that can give you pleasure and Ganapatipule is one of them. This beach town is truly fantastic and is known for its clean sands and picturesque beauty. Many tourists come here to visit the ancient Ganesha temple which is a 400-year-old beautiful temple. This place can be said as a lesser-known destination as not many visitors have visited it.




Located in Bhorgiri village, Bhimashankar is a popular place to visit for tourists. Being one amongst the 12 Jyotilingam shrines of God Shiva, it is known to be a holy place to visit near Mumbai. People from different corners of the country like to visit this place for hiking and trekking purposes. The place also has a huge wildlife sanctuary where you can see sacred groves and Indian Giant Squirrel.




Approx 3177 feet high, Panhala offers a picturesque view of the valley & holds an integral part of Maratha history. The place has a lot of significance as it is believed that Shivaji stayed here for a long time and it has been the capital of Maratha for many years.


Places to Visit in Mumbai at Night


Enjoy ice cream at Bachelorr’s


Who doesn’t love ice creams? Well, right from children to aged people, all love to have ice creams. However, enjoying ice creams late at night at Bachelorr’s will be highly enjoyable as the place itself is one of the best hang-out places in Mumbai. You might find it hard to park your car here as the place is located on the main road, but you can reach here easily by using a mode of public transport. Apart from the ice creams, Bahelorr’s also offers fresh bakery items as well as fresh juices.


Eating at Bademiya

Eating at Bademiya is a unique experience for all as the place is considered to taste heaven due to its variety of delectable kababs & rolls. Established in the year 1946 as a seekh kabab counter by Mohammed Yaseen, the counter has now spread its wings in the form of several restaurants, food stalls, and takeaway joints. It is also one of the most visited places in Mumbai by Mumbaikars and Mumbai tourists.


Leopold Café & Bar


Established in the year 1871, Leopold Café and Bar is amongst the most visited places to visit in Mumbai. This place is immensely popular for its mouth-watering food and an array of beverages. You can choose to have a glass of beer or simply a cup of coffee as per your mood. Another thing that makes this place a standout is its exquisite European interiors.


Live Music Events


Mumbai never sleeps! The nights of Mumbai are truly entertaining as a variety of live music events are organized which are much popular among the tourists. If you are a music lover, these live music events will be much liked by you. Venues like Opera and the Quarter organize excellent music performances featuring the popular singers and musicians of the music industry. All in all, these events are among the best places to visit in Mumbai for just everyone.

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