12 Wonderful Places to Visit in Sydney

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The heartbeat of the Southern Hemisphere, Sydney is home to the world’s most beautiful places. There are unending places to visit in Sydney which you must visit while you are on a Sydney tour.

Australia’s answer to the finesse of Europe and the magnificence of the United States. Locked between land and sea, Sydney is the quintessential example of a modern city littered with new age architecture and old age values.

Over the years, Australia has come a long way to be acknowledged as one of the world’s premier destinations. The crown jewel of this new age Australia, Sydney harbors some of the most picturesque sights in the world along with modern architecture’s greatest miracles. If you do take a trip down to Sydney, there are some places which you simply cannot afford to miss.

The Most Spectacular Places to Visit in Sydney

1. Sydney Opera House

The pinnacle of modern architecture and the perpetual symbol of Australia, the Sydney Opera House will leave you spellbound. Surrounded on three sides by water, the Opera house is clipped on a piece of land protruding into the sea. Upon a full tour of the sight, you will find a concert hall, exhibition rooms and a cinema built inside the structure.

On the outside, seldom do magnificent structures evoke serenity and calm like the Opera House. The gigantic white leaves conjoined to form triangular domes will leave an unfulfilling hole in your heart, as raw beauty often does.

2. Sydney Harbour Bridge

Called the ‘Coathanger’ by the localities, the iron mesh known as the Sydney Harbour Bridge connects the north and south shores of the harbor. Before the Opera House became Sydney’s heartthrob, the ‘coathanger’ was much of the city’s attention. Built in 1932, it still remains the world’s biggest steel arch bridge as it hangs calmly 134m above the water.


If you are an adrenaline junkie, the BridgeClimb expedition would get you pumped and ready. In the adventure, you’ll be grouped with 12 other people in a 3.5-hour long climb to the top of the outer arch. The expedition runs throughout the day. If a little adventure is your cup of tea, do not miss this opportunity!

3. Sydney Tower

The tallest structure of the city, the Sydney Tower rises 309m into the sky as one of the unique buildings in the world. Rising from the ever-bustling Centrepoint Shopping mall, this tower is the pinnacle of cutting-edge architecture championed by Australia. Atop the tower, visitors can enjoy panoramic views of the city through ‘Skywalk’, a glass-floored platform. While left stranded 309m in the sky, you can have something to eat in one of the revolving restaurants or cafés.

4. The Rocks

Creeping meekly under the Harbour Bridge, The Rocks is one of the best places to visit in Sydney for you if history is one of your obsessions. This is the site where the European convicts first hitched their tents. The small cluster of streets now house more than 100 heritage sites, including Sydney’s oldest house, the Cadman’s Cottage built back in 1816.

   5. Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour is one of the recommended places to visit in Sydney due to its plethora of attractions. With the bravura attractions such as an aquarium as well as astounding dining options, Darling Harbour is all set to charm you in one go. Within the vicinity of Darling Harbour, you will find myriad wine bars, finest nightclubs, and restaurants offering appetising foods and cocktails.

   6. The Royal Botanic Garden

The Royal Botanic Garden is also one of the worth-seeing places to visit in Sydney when you are here. Spread up to 30 hectares, This garden is one of the splendid things to see in Sydney. Incepted in the year 1816, Royal Botanic Garden is home to an incredible collection of plants throughout Australia and other foreign countries. Right from the rare plants to the most beautiful rose garden, this themed garden showcases the myriad colors of nature.

   7. SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

SEA-LIFE Sydney Aquarium is one of the major attractions to explore once you are in Sydney. This aquarium is flocked by visitors all around the world because you have a chance of seeing 5 habitat exhibitions of the ocean and also the river creatures which will provide you and your kids the absolute enjoyment you are looking for. This is going to be the best underwater adventure where you can walk as well as explore the rich and diversified aquatic life of Australian ocean.

  8. Sydney Beaches

Sydney is extensively known for its stunning beaches. One of the iconic beaches in Sydney is Bondi beach which lures the tourists with its great café scene and surf activities. Other worth-seeing beaches in Sydney are Maroubra, Bronte, and Tamarama. Manly, which is a seaside destination, attracts the visitors with its netted pool, excellent restaurants, shops and beachfront promenade.

  9. Taronga Zoo

One of the most remarkable destinations in Sydney is Taronga Zoo where you can catch a glimpse of exotic wildlife and rare wild animals. The daily shows such as seal shows and bird shows add charm to your tour. Visitors can take help from an iPhone app which offers relevant information to them. What’s more? You can also camp at this zoo in the night and spend a great time here.

 10. Barrack’s Museum

Considered one of the prominent convict areas, Barrack’s museum is specifically for the ones who have an interest in knowing the history. Started as a place for the convicted men, this place now is the UNESCO heritage site which paints a lively picture of the lives of the prisoners at that time through its interactive exhibition. The place is not just for the adults but also offers activities for children such as replica shackles and convict kids trail that will surely magnetize younger visitors.

11. Hyde Park

Hyde Park brings tranquility to Sydney dwellers with its beautiful open green area. Named after London’s Hyde Park, it was originally a racecourse as well as a place where many sports competitions were held. Today, the only reminiscent of its being the then competitive heritage is a playable gigantic chess set positioned on the northern end of the park. People, seeking fresh air and a better timeout, turn to the park in large numbers. The park’s central pathway is actually a fig lined pathway connecting two places- The War Memorial & The Archibald Fountain. During summers, the park is full of activities providing a free enjoyment to the visitors.

12. China-Town

Sydney’s China Town welcomes serious foodies with its wide array of delectable cuisines that are offered to you at quite an unbeatable price. Being a colorful amalgamation of Asian cuisine, shopping, and culture, this region is one of the most visited places in Sydney. What makes Chinatown the best is that you can gulp food here until 4 a.m. which is quite a relief for many food lovers. Dixon street of Chinatown is replete with numerous bubble tea makers & trinket shops. Moreover, the basements of the street are always alive with many Karaoke clubs, Hong Kong coffee houses & beautiful Taoist gardens.


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